Details PhD students’ salaries unchanged in However, a research stay at the same geographic location e. In order to finance her next research project, Professor Gerber wants to submit an application to the SNSF project funding scheme. Disciplines outside the HSS are acceptable as secondary disciplines. Tour of Swiss universities: For example, some host institutions ask fellowship holders to contribute a sum of money towards the institution’s overhead. The new rules are more flexible than the existing ones.

In the case of a Cotutelle under which the doctoral student has effected parallel registrations with a Swiss and a foreign university, the evaluation commission is chosen according to the university at which the doctoral student is conducting the major part of the dissertation. The main topic and the main discipline of the project must be part of the HSS; they must adequately reflect the reality of the project in terms of e. Box CH Berne Tel. In this context, it should nevertheless be noted that the expected extent of mobility represents an important evaluation criterion. Contact Division responsible for the main grant. If this answer has not been helpful to you, please do not hesitate to write to us.

In this context, it should nevertheless be noted that the expected extent of mobility represents an important evaluation criterion. Znf videos of these presentations are now available in English, French and German on our Youtube channel.

If you submitted your application by 10 September, you will be interviewed either in week 49, 50 or PhD students’ salaries unchanged in Scientific organisations based in Switzerland Organisations based in Bern Foundations based in Switzerland establishments in Switzerland Organizations established in Funding bodies of Switzerland.



Aiming to guarantee the competitiveness of Swiss research, the SNSF has decided to develop its career funding schemes – even if some of the measures envisaged in the multi-year plan cannot be implemented yet for financial reasons.

Horizons has been available in English online since the publication of its hundredth issue in March CHF 50,; 4th year: Furthermore, in your Doc. They can also be applied retrospectively dissertatikn ongoing or approved grants.

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Details Tour de Suisse videos The foundation then selects one of the recommended applications. Retrieved from ” https: The consequences for the three employee categories at the SNSF are the following: Industry and society will also benefit from gaining swift access to the latest scientific knowledge.

Forms, regulations and guidelines Regulations Doc. As a rule, at least one change of higher education institution between the bachelor and the start of doctoral studies. Other than that, the formal requirements and other provisions of the Doc. Leaflet about categories of employees, eligibility windows and duration of employment PDF General implementation regulations for the Funding Regulations, the basic provisions on employing staff members in SNSF grants are set out in chapter 7. The explainer video depicts in four minutes, how the decision is made as to whether their applications will be approved or not.


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The SNSF offers grants to cover these costs. In the case of gold-road publications, the authors often contribute to the production costs. Mobility fellowships are designed for doctoral students who wish to enhance their scientific profile förserung working at a research institution abroad. However, a research stay at the same geographic location e.

Contribution towards a Doc. Details PhD students’ salaries unchanged in Open Access to Publications E-mail oa snf. This will be a big step forward for science. The Foundation Council is the highest authority and makes strategic decisions. Based on a decision by the National Research Council, all publications produced in SNSF-funded projects are to be freely available in digital format as of CH grant requesting funds for an interdisciplinary dissertation?

A corresponding confirmation cooperation agreement must be enclosed with the application. This is the gold road. Submission deadlines 1 March and 1 September It evaluates research proposals submitted by researchers and funds projects selected on the basis of scientific criteria.

snf dissertation förderung

As ofall results will have to be available in open access. You should clarify as early as possible whether a stay at the host institution is subject to any conditions.

snf dissertation förderung