But here, they make you write at a speed of 40 wpm. As for me, I think he is the best teacher in Vajiram. The result was, I, along with many, could not clear PT- So friends, b prepared to shed extra money as draft charges 2. They do not treat you as a student rather a money vending machine.

Everyones criticized and pin pointed the effort made by Mr karthik. As some have already mentioned Civils has to be seen as something totally personal. Thus, it is expected from a coaching institute to provide those facts which would help in answering questions. But here, they make you write at a speed of 40 wpm. As for me, I think he is the best teacher in Vajiram.

Not some engineering or MBBS test, you take after 12th.

They do not treat you as a student rather a money vending machine. I don’t know about the earlier years but this year they have issued us a printed receipt which we have been allowed to retain even after the issuing the identity cards.

That you have “wasted thousands of hrs in hopeless classes and millions of Joules of energy”. Friends help, but only upto a point. If you dont agree with my immediate last statement, you are either ignorant or not mature enough yet or plain bluffin.

Thank you so much for this blog! Mains this year is from 1st Dec. Plus, the local population there classs the migrants from North East frontier who came here during partition.


Isabella, upsc preparation as far as I very understood requires both will and capability, teachers here at vajiram where I m currently getting trained show u the path to success, most of the work has to be done by you, upsc isn’t like any graduation exams it’s something like a living being that is syllabus changes year after year.

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Manocha Geography Classes to bring you exclusive discounts only availabe at Exambazaar. You can surely join them, or u may join K. Report a map error. General Studies Mains Lumpsum.

Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

But here, Mr Ravindran, Director refused to accept even a local cheque!!! It is the people that you come across, and the energy that is there in the atmosphere in Manocga nagar that gives a kick.

HEy thanx for all dis,plz can u suggest me any Institute for GS as il be gng 2 delhi very soon plzz. Sm dont know why this blog was so negative As a result, Modern History teacher took the medieval portions hurriedly and started Modern History. It will be very helpful for many lost internet creatures who stumble upon this blog.

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For those claiming that we’re missing the big picture, let this be clear: CAT coaching in chennai. I simply wasted my money but the more precious things that I wasted were my time and energy which I can never recover back. They are professionals not teachers But the ratio of good to bad teachers is appalling. What you need to clear civil services is an understanding of the exam, making a good plan, and working very, very hard at executing it.


The Mirage of Vajiram and ravi: Vajiram GS: Is it worth

Being at the classes I do not think this is true. It is just an attempt at mud slinging. Nice effort but not sufficient. IAS Coaching in Bangalore.

Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

Otherwise, I’d have made some positive publicity of that maocha as well. If you have decent GK and have a good reading habit since childhood including a newspaperGS coaching isn’t very necessary, especially since you can get notes and specialized books e.

In history, situation is equally worse. Shah Faesal topper didn’t take coaching, nor did Anay Dwivedi 5thor Ghanshyam Thori 25th Though they may have joined a test series later.

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Hi, Iv already made reservations to come over to Delhi this Oct. Class Room 9 Months. SO Guys this was my exprience.