A scalar that in a closed system will only increase – how good is that! To complicate matters these operations have to be performed in radians rather than degrees. A levels are pretty easy nowadays, my mom sat them in the s, when they were a darn sight harder If this is the depths to which science education has sunk in the last 25 years, I despair for our future. If the question were write down the answer it would be a true test of understanding.

The first 2 are ridiculously simple, and the 3rd is only confused by the appalling wording used in the question. Giving more students A-C grades is just a spin tactic to give the impression of standards improving. Their standard of mathematics is undeniably far worse than the standard that my peers had in a similar situation 12 years ago. As a current Physics student at Imperial College, and having somewhat recently passed A-Level Physics, I know the way the current system works. I am dedicated to studying theoreticaal physics with mathematics at university, i guess im one of the rare ones

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As I am not a subscriber I cannot actually see exactly what you get for that money. Instead of the exposition being a crutch to clarify things it muddles them. Cancer research rightly tugs on our homeworkk strings in regular adverts.

Yes i do think it has become a easy for the best but the reason i believe is because the gulf between pupils can be huge and political targets must be metfor e. I now trade shares for a living. I’d like to see him even attempt a week on a full timetable.

Skip to main content Access keys help. What people fail to realise is that a question like this would be worth 1 or 2 marks of an exam. I taught physics for 30 years and elected to retire early a couple of years ago. Incidentally, I have a bachelors degree in engineering, and a masters in history.


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No facts, no analysis, no potential remedies Geeks, nerds, no girls. Maybe you’ll have more luck xhow vectors and scalars than I did. One who did a degree for little reason than for personal interest, who has no issue in never using the knowledge again. However, the provision of the horizontal speed in the problem greatly strengthens the implication that it should have been worded more clearly as “the speed of the ball as it strikes the ground”, which gives no hint that the vertical component might be wanted.

So the impact velocity snow be the same as if the object were just jgs. Positive and productive feedback is appreciated as well. If the question ere not multi-choice, it would be possible to give both answers specifying which applied to which interpretation.

If people don’t understand that then how do we get to the next stage? I have the same problem of Mr Holton post But it is very hard if you have not understood. Remember that if one hommework these is not given it could be zero!

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I’m generalising mts of course, so that may sound un-duly harsh, however I do believe it to be largely based in reality.

Well it maybe true that the average standard of literacy and education has improved, it doesn’t change the fact that the standard of the best academics has fallen.


I say this as an A2 physics student. It’s all connected, this knowing-nothing-about-physics lark. Trust me, it wasn’t. I watched newsnight last night with great interest. After 4 years of degree-level mathematics, cosmology, string theory, quantum mechanics, and all the other cutting edge drivers of the progress shoq humanity, why should I turn around, throw it all neatly into the bin, before pursuing a low-paid career teaching troubled students who don’t wish to be in class as the case in a state homewok like mine is.

The argument is simple really, either we do science properly or we lose it all together.

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Hear it on Chris Moyles every morning you see and have been trying to work out what the piece is for ages. A ball is thrown with a horizontal velocity of In the last one you DO need to resolve your vectors vertically and horizontally, otherwise what was the point of the lesson.

Mass spectrometry and Titration Biology: The Physics “skills” being looked for in last night’s homework would be incorporated in one question in the A-levels of the 60s. Nothing about the current situation in UK universities where most of the PhD students come from the continent. Anyhow, if you are doing A-level or degree physics, make sure you read his book Gaia.