Shainin, Thank you for your reply. They made little progress until they realized that there were three categories of leaks, defined by location within the block. That kind of makes a person sound old but maybe I am just figuring out how old people think. Please keep coming back and updating us on this one. Shainin was an early adopter of this method, discovering that with Multi-vari charts, he could quickly converge on the root cause of a problem. But, this persons actions made many wonder..

Have you ever seen that movie where this man and woman are kidnapped by a couple dumb guys. Develop strategies for extremely challenging projects. Plan and execute solutions and leverage results. We provide independent third party certification to ensure that our exacting standards are met. The effectiveness of his approach was demonstrated by zero failures in eleven manned missions, six of which featured moon landings.

shainin problem solving red x

Confidential problems can be openly discussed. Plan and execute statistically designed single factor experiments. A coach must become reflectively competent. The following are scheduled Shainin sponsored classes: Shainin was an early adopter of this method, discovering that with Multi-vari charts, he could quickly converge on the root cause of a problem.

What is The Shainin™ System?

Six Sigma or Shainin Red X? Dorian Shainin was a noted contributor to the process and quality improvement body of knowledge.


shainin problem solving red x

Students learn advanced strategies and tools for solving reliability problems which occur during customer usage. A direct proble, of 1 is being unable to reduce the output standard deviation substantially by identifying and removing or reducing the contribution of a single cause, unless that cause has a large effect.

Dorian Shainin

Ideal projects for this level, end of line test fails, scrap, re-work, yield and first-time throughput. Each convergent cycle requires planning, disciplined execution, sound analysis and clear documentation. June 6, at 6: That is just a stupid statement. Straydog Include Straydog in your post and this person will be notified reed email. But, I may be wrong and it may be the best thing since the ballpoint pin?

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Plan and execute statistically designed full factorial experiments. Regarding whether Shainin was worth the money, if it only confirms that reducing scrap where they already planned to do so and then drills down to root cause, then certainly not. Retrieved from ” https: Shainin’s policy of “talking to the parts” was the primary distinguishing factor that set his methods apart from Z.

Grant Awardand the Shewhart Medal Learn Red X problem solving principles and concepts.

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Improving output to meet customer demand is first on my list. Clients can deploy our methodology globally in 5 different languages English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese.


In the s Leonard Seder, an MIT classmate and friend, developed the Multi-vari charta graphical method for analysis of variance. They also learn to confirm the Red X and establish a tolerance that ensures customer needs are met. None This class is offered as either a client sponsored class or a Shainin sponsored class. This manager use to work for the Shainin Corp.

Mr Shainin, thank you for your detailed response. Students develop a sgainin understanding of both the application of advanced problem-solving tools and strategies as well as the skills needed to coach and develop other problem solvers. June 7, at 4: Is it worth the money?

A special emphasis will be placed on strategies to deal with difficult malfunction failures as well as destructive event failures. Reliability engineeringSolvinf sampling. JohnnyV Include JohnnyV in your post and this person will be notified via email.

Having actual data instead of other types:

shainin problem solving red x