Help is available, for example, through one-on-one consults. If the restriction request is granted then the archival copy of the thesis will not be submitted to QSpace, Library and Archives Canada, or Proquest, and copies of the thesis held by the School of Graduate Studies will not be bound, microfilmed, or deposited in any library. The master’s thesis should demonstrate that the candidate is capable of original and independent work; that of a doctoral student must be original and be of such value as to merit publication. What resources are available? Each member of the Thesis Examining Committee must indicate whether the examination should be held, and if the candidate is permitted to defend the thesis. A restriction request will be granted where: The student may, at the time of submitting the thesis for completion of degree requirements, request that the thesis be restricted.

The Thesis Coordinator will notify the candidate if any corrections are required before the final version of the thesis is submitted to QSpace. Distribution of the thesis copies to the examining committee must follow the same deadlines as outlined above. The Thesis Coordinator circulates the oral examination particulars and confidential report forms to each member of the Thesis Examining Committee by email. Is there help at Queen’s? Preparing for Your Oral Examination The student being examined must be present in person at Queen’s University for their oral thesis examination.

Doctoral education has traditionally been viewed as an apprenticeship towards a professorship.

sgs thesis queens

In other words, the terms spent inactive are not counted in the number of terms taken to complete your degree. Keep in mind that both parents are entitled to parental leave and mothers are entitled to a maternity leave.

Brouwer is past president, has been engaged in a national conversation about the evolution of the PhD for some time.


How to Cite Sources Citation and style guides. In order to successfully submit your thesis via the E-Thesis submission process, the final version of your thesis MUST be in PDF format and must be named using the following file naming convention: Use of these resources is optional: Skip to main content. A co-supervisor is either a dgs member at Queen’s who is a member of the School of Graduate Studies or who has been given permission to co-supervise by the School.

Please check with any outside funding agency that may be providing you with awards for any regulations the agency may have regarding leaves.

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With the exception of the Chairperson for Doctoral Programs, it is the responsibility of the Department to select, verify eligibility, and invite all members of the Thesis Examining Committee. A restriction request will be granted where: Speak to your supervisor, your graduate coordinator, or seek advice from an Associate Dean in the School of Graduate Studiesan advisor from the Society for Graduate and Professional Students studentadvisors sgps. Skip theis main content. Learn more about the national conversation at www.

First, resolution of an issue should initially be sought through informal departmental channels. This recommendation should be provided to the Director xgs Admissions and Student Services in the School of Graduate Studies by emailing grad.

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Copyright permission is required: Use of these resources is optional:. How do I make this change? The master’s thesis should demonstrate that the candidate is capable of original and independent work; that of a doctoral student must be original and be of such value as to merit publication. Where do I turn if I have a problem with my supervisor? Also the Graduate Calendar provides a comprehensive and up to date guide to graduate programs, courses, regulations and awards.


OneDrive for Business is a Queen’s chosen solution for file storage and collaboration.

Brouwer notes a white paper or policy paper, for instance, is more easily digestible by government, business, and other stakeholder groups than a traditional thesis manuscript. A fee waiver for the period of the leave is granted through the School of Graduate Studies.

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She also chose to defend her thesie within an art gallery, allowing her committee to be exposed to the artwork itself. I’m hoping to get some financial support to present a paper at a conference. With the new regulations, students can choose to include their reflections on the process, their learning, and the skills they have acquired.

Also, the Expanding Horizons workshop series offers a suite of Academic and Professional Development opportunities. It is a secure web-based cloud service meaning you don’t need to download anything onto your personal machine to use it that can be accessed anytime, anywhere you have a network connection.

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Thinking about the thesis Friday June 8, By Phil Gaudreau, Senior Communications Officer Graduate research and scholarship can take many shapes, and so the thesis can be structured in many different ways. I need to improve my presentation skills.

sgs thesis queens

The added flexibility recognizes the queens ways of knowing that constitute scholarly work, and the value of that work beyond the academy. Is there help at Queen’s? Oral Thesis Examination Form – Ph.

sgs thesis queens