What are the top ten English medium schools at Kolkata? The cafeteria in the Mirpur and Senior Uttara campuses cater to the needs of students, faculty members and management. During their stay, the students participated in various physical activities such as tree climbing, forest tracking, tent building and other field activities. How can I manage to be a private tutor to teach English medium students in Dhaka? Campus Safety The school takes safety and security very seriously. Welcome to Scholastica Scholastica was established in by Mrs.

In total, 18 teams participated from 7 countries and from different Indian states. For information about our campuses and which classes are located where, click here. The event was organized by Utakal Yuva Sangh in association with the Government of Odisha where performers from 12 countries of Asia and South America and different states of India participated. Going beyond borders is one of Scholastica’s traditions and is an integral part of holistic education. Various awareness programs are held to brief the students and parents about health concerns and other relevant issues: To instill the value of caring and sharing in our students, each campus has partnered with individual organization, with the belief that through volunteer activities within the community, our students will be empowered with responsibility, compassion and will get an opportunity to affect the lives of others. This tournament inspired the virtues of team spirit, fair play, self-control, courage and persistence within the players from Bangladesh and abroad.

These teams participate in tournaments and matches after school hours or on weekends. We encourage our parents to use the bus service and reduce traffic congestion around our campuses. Our students are not only taught basic skills in physical fitness and in a range of different sports, but they are also taught about maintaining their health and well-being.



What are the best English medium schools in Dhaka? – Quora

There are quite a few. The memories made with our cajpus were also unforgettable. Scholastica was one of the first private schools in Bangladesh to organize foreign trips for its students, schoalstica with a trip to India for the cricket team about 20 years ago!

The sports teams in the Middle and Senior School have been successful in a number of national and international sporting events. Scholastica believes in nurturing student’s wellbeing by helping them to understand and deal with social, behavioral and personal issues.

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We are proud of the range of trips we arrange every year. Physical fitness and sports keep our students healthy in body and mind. Bookshops Parents can purchase school textbooks, stationery items and art supplies from the bookshops in Scholastica. This is the first time Scholastica performed a play outside the borders of Bangladesh!. The Arts “Scholastica shines brightly by giving each of the students the proper motivation and inspiration.

Daily Star spelling Bee: International School Dhaka 4.

I immensely appreciate the huge effort Scholastica gives every year which is reflected by many drama, shows, celebrating festivals and cultural programs. The school holds a number of events and functions throughout the school year. We are proud of our two custom-built campuses. Sydney International School Dhaka 5. All school sections are secured with high barbed wire fences.

Which is the best English medium school in Bangladesh? – Quora

Homeroom period is a time for Class Teachers to conduct activities that build team-spirit, teach discipline, counsel students on various issues, develop leadership skills, raise awareness of current affairs and the world, and also build healthy relationships among the students. It was a great opportunity for the students to interact with the physical environment and nature. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest.


scholastica mirpur campus homework

Some of the events include: The workshops and the interactive sholastica experience taught us all to use our skills fully and to present them in front of an audience. The lab is designed to ensure dcholastica monitoring of students’ work, while the computers are well-equipped to meet course requirements up to A’ Levels.

Apart from the annual plays, for older students, which are the highlight of our arts calendar, we also participate in, and sometimes host, cultural events, art competitions and performances, concerts, fairs, festivals, and exhibitions. We maintain the highest standards in education to help each child realize their potential.

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After-School Clubs The after-school clubs and programs in Scholastica are a way for students to explore their talents and passions and develop skills in different areas. The timings are as follows:. You dismissed this ad.

First aid training is regularly given to all faculty and management. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace. Dhaka city has many famous english medium school. Answered Apr 23,