Which is also what Moore proposes in acknowledging that public managers tred a fine line between advocacy for their own views and interests, and seeking out and promoting that which the public values or which adds value to the public sphere Benington, Questions as to the proper role of public officials are not new, indeed they were being discussed at least two and a half thousand years ago in Greece. This is much more of a continuous conversation than an exercise in market research and should be viewed as a serious effort to restore trust in the public realm. WI national 7 However, another manager from Work and Income also commented: Accessed on 3 September at http: However, the coordination and success of larger scale initiatives is dependent on the ability to get the right people, with the required level of seniority, around the table.

So, 50 to 60 caregivers [and] they were not short at telling us what they thought. CPS regional 1b To some extent gaining feedback occurs via formal meetings such the forum with caregivers foster parents described by a regional manager of Child, Youth and Family Service that provided: They were also asked about the factors or issues they are required to measure and report on and whether these are, in practice, useful in terms of planning for, and monitoring progress in achieving, their objectives. The alternative use of predefined codes would have created the risk of missing important, but unexpected, themes within the data. In contrast, the size of the appropriations provided to the larger agencies, such as the Ministry of Social Development with more than 9, staff , provides increased scope for budget management and operational flexibility.

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The extent to which public sector agencies are subject to external sensegiving, and the resulting impact on their performance management practices, was also explored by Pollitt WI national 7 This paper uses data from that research to explore the following questions: Achieving the Development Goals.

Those relationships include not only those between officials and their immediate manager, or chief executives and their ministers, but also relationships between officials and officials in other government agencies, between officials and advisors to ministers, with central oversight agencies, interest groups, professional associations, community groups and the media.


The problem, Driver suggests, is that while the engineering model is morally sustainable it does not reflect reality; and while the entrepreneurial model better reflects practice it does not reflect the ethical principles of democratic government. And so there are some quite unrealistic expectations out there about the role that we can play and just how quickly we can turn people around.

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From a study of three British orchestras, Maitlis identified sensegiving activities undertaken by internal leaders and external stakeholders. As shown in Figure 1, each of these sensemaking forms produces different accounts descriptions of an issue and its context and actions i.

For Prisons Services a lack of public thhesis is more significant.

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However, measurement of both the processes that contribute towards achieving that trust, confidence and collaboration and the extent to which it is achieved is evidently problematical. Dor,er Welfares Iron Cage.

From the European survey it was noted, for example, that compared to the other functions studied: It was suggested that this had occurred in response to the public perception that prisoners were being released before they had properly finished their sentence despite the fact that: Sometimes organisations become internally focused and thinking that they are doing a good job because it might be in line with their output plan or they actually think because their particular measurements are all achieved they are doing a good job and they have public confidence.

It also explores to what extent those interactions are recognised in formal performance management systems.

rodney dormer thesis

Five semi-structured interviews were also conducted with external stakeholders including relevant ministers. Sadly the way we are measured on our performance in the public arena is often on a good story and not on the truth.


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Each of these is discussed below. The social processes of organisational sensemaking. Officials are often in a unique position in terms of the experience and knowledge they possess and the opportunities they have to utilise it. Click here to sign up.

A succession of high profile incidents being reported in the media in recent years have embarrassed Ministers and provided ammunition to opposition parties. Sensemaking and sensegiving in strategic change initiation. Log In Sign Up.

rodney dormer thesis

Questions as to the proper role of public officials are not new, indeed they were being discussed at least two and a half thousand years ago in Greece. Within that agency an interviewee emphasised the importance of maintaining the confidence of the minister by saying: In the case of all the organisations regional managers and senior roddney office managers were also interviewed.

In no small part this may be a result of the definitional and measurement difficulties associated with public capital. And a local prison manager described attempts to build community understanding by speaking to local organisations, stating: In the cases of organisations such as Work and Income and the Community Probations Service which have offices spread throughout the country, the interviewees were selected to give a diverse geographic i.

Gill, D and R. In practice that sense making will occur in the context of the limited knowledge that is usually available in complex social and organisational settings, i. As an ex minister acknowledged: Conclusions The criteria by which public objectives are defined and directed, and rodny which the performance of responsible agencies is subsequently assessed, are not apolitical.

As a regional manager explained: