A study on the effect of massive pleural effusion on cardiovascular hemodynamics. A study on analysis of various causes of hemoptysis and the success rate of bronchial artery embolisation in the first six months follow up period. A study on microalbuminuria in systemic hypertension as an indicator of target organ damage. Assessment of lung functions in patients treated for h1n1 influenza. Role of serum uric acid as a biomarker in heart failure. Correlation of serum uric acid with preclinical target organ dysfunction in hypertensive population.

A study on pulmonary manifestations in Systemic Lupus Erythematous. Comprehensive analysis of organophosphorus poisoning. Serum aminotransferase levels in the assessment of severity of dengue fever. Transesophageal echocardiography in the detection of potential cardiac source of embolism in young stroke patients. Posted by K at Study on co-relation between serum antioxidant levels and clinical manifestation in patients with opc poisoning. Thyroid disorders in type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Dissertation on elevated serum amylase and lipase levels without actual pancreatic involvement in the presence of DKA – an observational study.

Study of bacteriologic profile in critical care settings and effects of preventive measures. Topjcs of deep vein thrombosis in acute stroke. Thyroid profile in patients with metabolic syndrome. A Study on systemic inflammation and risk of cardio vascular diseases in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Analysis of acute renal failure in poison control and toxicology training centre. Clinical and radiological profile of patients with brain granuloma. A study on the clinical and etiological profile of patients with pancytopenia. Hypokalemia in organophosphorus compound poisoning.

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Clinical profile and ECG changes in scorpion envenomation. A clinical and neuroimaging study of cerebral venous thrombosis.

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A Study of rheumatoid factor and its relation to ischemic heart disease. A Study of lipid profile in chronic kidney disease patients.

Analysis of etiological cause for patients present with fever and jaundice and analyse clinical profile of those who have leptospirosis. A Study topicz body fat distribution and cardiovascular tbesis factors. An Analytical study to test the validity of the new questionnaire for the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome.

Study on co-relation between serum antioxidant levels and clinical manifestation in patients with opc poisoning.

rguhs thesis topics general medicine

A study on the spectrum of various infections in overweight, obese and grossly obese individuals who are non diabetic and HIV medicinr. Altius Hospital 29 January at A Symptomatic bacteriuria in type 2 diabetic women.

Liver biochemical profiles in congestive heart failure. Prediction of early mortality in anterior circulation stroke.

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Assessment of adrenal dysfunction in patients with HIV infections. Thyroid disorders in type 1 diabetes mellitus. Study of serum zinc level in diabetes mellitus and its role in development of complications. A study on mdeicine gastro intestinal involvement in newly diagnosed hiv patients.


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A Clinical study of mmedicine manifestations in HIV. Clinical, electrophysiological, laboratory, predictors including serum cortisol of respiratory failure in Guillain-barre’ syndrome patients.

A study on acid base status among intensive medical care unit patients. Predicting the impact of HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy. Role of serum uric acid as a biomarker in heart failure.

Evaluation of cardiovascular function in overt and sublinical. Prevalence and predictors of microalbuminuria in hiv infection. Evaluation of red cell distribution width in heart failure patients.

Role of nt – pro bnp levels in predicting the prognosis in acute coronary syndromes. Comparative study of risk factors between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

Urinary IL topcs an early biomarker.