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She was due to perform at a pre-Grammy award party in Los Angeles that evening. Master Tony will work out your luck for next 10 years in general and point out the happening years for the important events. The report revealed heart disease and her recent and chronic cocaine use were contributing factors. May 13, , Houston was reportedly hospitalized after overdosing on diet pills after the birth of her daughter. Started by Msart74 Board 4.

The case of the young executive and the old boss Started by Msart74 Board 4. June 13, We comb the Amazon Marketplace daily in search of great deals and present them here for your shopping convenience. April 08, So the car is parked and not active when the owner last saw the vehicle.

Qimenvunjia 03, Check out an example here: Qi Men Dun Jia is not a straight forward interpretation stduy just on the symbols themselves.


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Lost and Found? Or Stolen? (A QMDJ case) – 奇门遁甲

Sometimes, it affects our decision making if we do not manage our relationship with the other half well. This means the asker is not confident of the relationship or it could also mean she is looking forward to another new relationship with another one who is more appealing to her. August 26, Using individual date of birth and time to plot a chart.

qimendunjia case study

July 21, October 25, Police said her entourage had taken up a large part of the hotel’s fourth floor. May 13, She began modeling at 17 with shots in “Glamour” and “Vogue,” and doing TV commercials.


From the above example, the QMDJ Forecasting indirectly proves her need for a better relationship seeking. April 17, Special Case – How to chart?? April 09, I will not dive into the history of Qi Men Dun Jia since there are a lot stdy written information that are found online.


Personally, I will write more case study articles and do check it out.

The autopsy report issued some weeks later stated that she drowned accidentally in the bathtub. For detail, please click here.

Relationship Forecasting using QMDJ (奇门遁甲) case#1

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Foreseeing problems areas and the flow of Qi from the 8 palaces before formulating rectification solutions. April 04, July 22, Tired of advertisement on the forum?

qimendunjia case study

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