It was a synergy of various explorations in our Advance Visual Studies class and other experimentations on visual representation in a range of styles and approaches. Kung minsan ka-meeting mo na, tatanong pa kung nasaan daw si Noel Cuizon… sabi ko ako din yun, Hindi si Nuki ka, eh, ikaw din ba si Noel Soler Cuizon laughs! He was very particular with how we understood the intricacies of the medium which included the basic techniques and approaches of printmaking. Waiting for Spring Have you heard of comments that a certain artist has done the same kind of work that you did for a particular exhibition? My work took the non-traditional direction with mixed media works and interactive assemblage. Intelligence, wholesome personality and good character are greatly considered for a distance education students.

It aimed to provide women with the best education that would prepare them for civic and moral responsibilities and train them to combine successfully homemaking and career. It was a vicarious learning experience. What will I do? I did an installation piece with the intention of addressing the state of the arts in the Philippines. Upon going through a tactile experience with the artwork, the supposition was that an engagement could be forged to allow different modes of interpretation. PWU reaffirms its commitment to educate, to lead and to serve as it faces the challenges of the 21st century.

Towards the Development of a Human Resource Development Program for a Local Commercial Company.

I stayed with the institution until gormat After reading his autobiography, I politely declined the commission, thinking that the problem would be ideological. Basic course 9 units Major course 18 units cognates 6 units special project 4 units 3. We would do thematic cocktails for exhibition openings and other art events. Kahit hindi ka naman drugged laughs. I employed the archetypes of Catholic Church rituals as thdsis allusions to comment on the political situation of our country.

I have always been interested in drawing and other creative stuff so I thought that Fine Arts was the right course to take up after high school.


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There was a call from Bobi Valenzuela to all the artists at Hiraya to respond to the upcoming national election. The mids up to the early 90s was like a Renaissance of sort.

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I think we had the best roster of teachers then. The character of visual persuasion and predilection comes into play here. She also allowed us to play with various art materials and having squeezed all the creative juices out of us kids and turned the experience into something like an exercise in solving visual problems at rormat early age.

The Carnival Queen Do you think that the press is important to your practice? He also passed on some of his views about how his assemblages should be regarded, the relevance of curatorial reviews, the frills and thrills of an artist, among several others, striking a balance between too much and too little editorial intervention.

They tried to understand where the artist was coming from. I began exploring new visual idioms when I reached my junior year under Roberto Feleo with the intermediate art subjects that dealt with problem solving in the arts, exploration of materials, developing your own visual language and understanding visual metaphors in artistic expressions.

pwu thesis format

I lost everything after I graduated. May mga awkward incidents lang like when people mistook me for another person or when they see that Nuki is not the same person as Noel Soler Cuizon. Can you tell us about his review and how you managed to call his attention? PWU is transforming itself into a University without Walls. It is a multi-venue and multi-pronged international art project aimed to contribute to contemporary discussions on migration, not only of people across borders but of forms and realities across time and space.

pwu thesis format

It speaks about the undying loyalty of a servant to his master that started with an anecdote about my maternal great grandfather, Don Juan, taking custody of Mang Idong since he was eleven years old. Inhis student plate of a collage study of images from magazines, Views and Points of View won the Jurors The rest are the following: Negotiations were forged as we arrived at a gestalt through the interaction of our individual styles, sensibilities and interpretations of the subject.


Renato Lucas, the renowned cellist was also a high school batchmate, a great guy! Even if the university has an open admission policy, it sees to it that students to be admitted thesiss those with desirable qualities. Occasionally, I held informal drawing and painting workshops through the outreach programs of several cultural groups. Where do I start here?

Schedule of WCE The Written Comprehensive Examinations are scheduled during the trimestral breaks to give the students the opportunity to enroll in Thesis-Writing the following trimester. What is this theais about?

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The curator wanted to mount a show in time for the election, so Christmas pa lang of the previous year, inupuan na namin ng ilang mga artists yung project. The first one was a takeoff from my traditional painting approach and my first attempt to deal with spatial problems thhesis the bounds of a pictorial plane while the latter set the mode for a more complex compositional scheme within layers of planar structures.

You want to be engulfed by the piece. I never knew if there was a cash award. Two years prior to that, Onib Olmedo won the same mention-du-jury award that I received. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form.