First time Gasgas Abelgas appears. Alden tells Yaya that he cherishes her no matter how dirty she looks. Lola Nidora is regretful that she was unable to obtain the ransom money for the Secret Diary. Retrieved 10 August Retrieved September 7,

Retrieved 24 June Later, Alden manages to complete the challenge and runs towards the stage, but by then Yaya Dub is already at the exit about to flee from the Broadway studio. Tan-ning to say that she is dying. She begs Yaya Dub not to have her weeksary with Alden. The goal is to cut the wires for only the correct answers before the timer on the bomb reaches zero. The seven winners must each bring plastic bottles and their registration forms to receive P10, For other uses, see EB.

EAT BULAGA (Problem Solving Kalyeserye) – APRIL 5 2016 Clear Video Full Episode Part 11

Alden accepts and completes the challenge, much to Yaya Dub’s delight. Retrieved August 26, As they sit down, Tinidora and Tidora say they are not hungry and prepare to leave the dining table, and prod Nidora to do the same, leaving the pair alone.

problem solving eat bulaga july 23 2015

Retrieved 17 August The appearance of other characters like the luxurious Frankie Arenolli and the socialite DuhRizz make things even more complicated for the amorous pair. Yaya Dub says she misses the Lolas and also Alden, whom she has not seen for almost two weeks.


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KalyeSerye Day – DuBae. Nidora reveals her second surprise: That same year, Eat Eat is the transliteration of It from the game tag ; while Bulaga!

After a 6-year successful zolving, the segment was replaced with Taktak Mo o Tatakbo. Lola Nidora wishes that before she dies, the YaKie wedding would push through; Yaya Dub has no choice but to accept Lola Nidora’s request. Meanwhile, Alden and Yaya exchange sweet nothings until a furious Lola Nidora appears.

problem solving eat bulaga july 23 2015

The studio hosts pick a random number. Rihanna tells Nidora that while repairs are under way, they still are not complete. Alamat ng Fansign – Facebook”. Retrieved 16 June The segment helped boost the show’s ratings, the August 12, episode of Eat Bulaga!

EAT BULAGA (Problem Solving with Yaya Dub and Alden) July 23, |

Alden Richards, nagulat sa suportang natatanggap ng AlDub”. Retrieved 9 August They show Lola Nidora photographs of possible suspects of the abduction. Alden writes “Maine-mahal kita” but edits it to say “Mainenamahal kita”; both are a play on the phrase “minamahal kita” I love you.


problem solving eat bulaga july 23 2015

Retrieved 6 December Retrieved 12 February Certain stories 32 be chosen, which will be featured on the show, and the participants whose stories were chosen and featured on the show will also receive surprises from Eat Bulaga! Retrieved 1 September List of Eat Bulaga! Retrieved 20 October GMA Network current and upcoming original programming.

Retrieved 1 August She then tells Yaya and Alden that the right time for them to meet is near. Lola Nidora gathers enough strength to tell Alden that “everything happens for a ea and begs him to make her happy by letting the YaKie wedding proceed. Retrieved 14 June He brings with him several flower vases that he could find from the dump sites he visited.

Retrieved 15 November