I was able to observe how different teachers handle classroom and behaviour management, particularly picking up on the importance of maintaining an assertive yet sympathetic style. Art is a way for young people to express themselves, to release their angsts, any inhibitions, problems and restrictions. It is aimed at non-English speaking students aged In these demanding roles I participated in planning the overall structure of the whole course, in addition to preparing lesson plans for my own classes. My third experience was provided by Barnstaple College when I worked as an assistant teacher in music lessons at Key Lane Secondary School.

At the age of 17, I helped the dance teachers within the classes, either taking children to one side and teaching them one to one, or teaching small groups. Learning to think on my feet numerous times a day is challenging but rewarding especially when I receive positive feedback on my lessons. I feel that the study of psychology is very relevant to teaching, for example, I have learnt that information is better committed to memory particularly in young children when visual and tactile aides are used, particularly if used in novel ways. What are my strengths? Part of the Hecsu family. Find out about applying for teacher training , preparing for teaching interview questions or take a look at a personal statement for PGCE secondary and a School Direct personal statement.

Luckily, as all training providers are looking for similar information from you, this shouldn’t be a problem.


Search graduate jobs Job profiles Work experience and internships Employer profiles What job would suit me? The intensive nature of the course encourages meaningful relationships to develop and all the teachers were actively involved in personal and pastoral care.

My paid work is as a fitness and aerobics instructor in a leisure centre so I have a keen interest in health and fitness. Company About us Work for us Our publications Press office. I was allowed to devise my own teaching methods and I received great satisfaction when the children showed understanding and progress.



Job sectors Apprenticeships Working abroad Gap year Self-employment. These are real examples, but of course personal details have been altered.

This is your chance to explain why you want to teach primary age children and convey your enthusiasm for teaching. Working as a special needs assistant in an ordinary primary international school was equally rewarding.

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It has helped to build up my confidence and develop me as a person. Find out what it’s tsatement like to be a primary or secondary school teacher. Resilience, good judgement, enthusiasm, energy, patience, creativity, responsibility, leadership, reliability and stamina were all essential.

When planning out your personal statement, ask yourself what it is your training providers are looking for. Applying for jobs Ucqs tips Open days and events. The click and instant message of a PC no longer demands of growing youths the reality of patience and persistence to get the result. Over a year period I have worked as a stafement in two local primary schools.

Recently I saw a child making good decisions with their behaviour as a result of the plans we made together.

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It’s also good to tell them about your outside interests including relevant hobbies and voluntary work. Having met them, they knew who I was and what I was trying to do, and they had more respect for me throughout the event.

One student was worried that either way she was not going to be following one of the instructions. Where you can, include any psrsonal experience you have working with others such as parents and carers, primary school team teaching and support roles. For primary, you’ll need at least a month’s experience. I was able to speak to them with firmness, but also to explain to them clearly in language they could understand.


I had the opportunity at my second position at Fairgrove Junior School, to instruct my own group of pupils when I taught recorder lessons in persknal afternoon breaks.

In my early education, reading and writing were a challenge, at the age of nine I received a diagnosis of dyslexia bringing with it extra support from the school.

primary pgce personal statement ucas

Don’t waste valuable space talking about a specific university or school, as you can only submit one personal statement for all of your choices. I would also like to teach because doing so would give me the flexibility of being able to spend time during the school holidays with my own children while they are still young. My various experiences have made me positive about teaching, together with my education they are adequate support for a PGCE in primary teaching.

I am aware of the challenges ahead working in a dynamic teaching environment but perseverance, which is currently constrained by our fast changing age, will be harnessed with my determination to teach with interest and open mindedness to make learning fun, enjoyable and a journey of discovery along with my students. A trip to Kenya to assist in an orphanage and school allowed me to use these skills to encourage the Kenyan children to love communication and learning.

primary pgce personal statement ucas

International students Parents and family Applicants New students. The nature of your personal statement will vary, depending on the type of teaching you’d like to pursue. Your conclusion should reinforce your enthusiasm and drive for a career in teaching, acknowledging the commitment and hard work it will require but also showing your excitement and anticipation for getting started.

Part of the Hecsu family.