Students are required to dedicate 6 hours per week in service of the School, for teaching and other scholarly support activities. The requirements for those who do not have a degree for which English was the language of instruction at a recognised university are: Allowances for research-related activities. In addition the PhD requires students to complete 4 Design Seminars 1 credit each , 2 Design Training Practicum subjects 1 credit each and 1 Design Ethics subject 1 credit. Students’ Views List of students’ thesis topics. In addition, the PhD requires students to complete 3 Design Seminars 1 credit each , 2 Design Training Practicum subjects 1 credit each and 1 Design Ethics subject 1 credit.

An overall score of at least 6. More information on self-financed application is available at: Within The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the School of Design offers positions for candidates who wish to obtain doctoral degrees in design. A professional academic team combining experts from the Departments of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, Computing, English and the English Language Centre, DALS offers students an opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge by pursuing a qualification of direct relevance to their chosen profession, with advanced programme of study and research in areas of professional working in practices. Research in the School of Design focuses on specific areas based on existing expertise, per academic discipline, as summarized earlier. Allowances for research-related activities.

Each type of funding has specific application criteria, funding support structures, and submission deadlines.

Academic Programmes

Research at the School of Design is grounded in an understanding of design as a social activity that: Candidates are advised to study the possible funding schemes in detail and determine what suits their personal situation best.

Research Themes Research at the School mlhil Design is grounded in an poltu of design as a social activity that: Please direct all questions about PhD education to: They will be able to integrate linguistic knowledge and research skills with reflective practice in coping with the demands and development of their careers as language professionals in this age of globalisation and digitalisation.

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The focus area is suited for professionals whose work is related to one or more of the following academic fields: This area focuses on providing professional training to university teachers and those who are currently working in the fields of translation and interpreting but do not hold formal academic credentials.

Asian Lifestyle Design Lab. More details available at: Reviewed for the 2nd and 3rd year of study, based on the availability of funding in line with the research and teaching performance of the candidate.

PolyU Design: PhD

Thesis submission Month Language technology, including computational and neuro-cognitive technologies, permeates many aspects of life and has an indispensable role to play in the delivery of language policies, language education and language related health care, as well as in a wide range of content industries and the knowledge economy.

All English language polgu scores are considered valid for five years after the testing date.

Students should inform themselves mpgil what potential schemes might be applicable for them. PolyU reserves the right to change or withdraw the scholarship at any time.

Taught coursework consists of two compulsory subjects and one elective subject, each carrying 3 credits. Polyuu important focus is on the processes involved in first and second language acquisition. Intercultural and Professional Communication.

Situated in Hong Kong, the School brings together Asian and Western knowledge to inform scholarly, technical and critical enquiry.

Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies: Research Interests Second language assessment, Language education and societal change, Second language teacher education More.

polyu mphil thesis

Comparable theis obtained from other internationally recognized public examinations may be considered. Inclusive of both limited funds and allowances for research activities. Individual cases will be considered on their own merits.

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Students are required to dedicate 6 hours per week in service of the School, for teaching and other scholarly support activities. Intercultural and Professional Communication The emphasis here is on the key concepts, issues and practices in intercultural, organizational and professional communication, and on analysing spoken, written and multimodal discourses in a range of intercultural and professional contexts.


Mhpil more information about application and to apply through our online admission system, please visit Study PolyU. An overall score of at thesid 6. Depending on their circumstances, applicants may be eligible to apply for sponsorship from other governmental and private scholarships and other funding schemes.

Moreover, the School research has gravitated towards exploring these social dimensions of design within three distinct realms: UX design, user-centered design, service design, interaction design, design methods. Speech Sciences, Language Processing, and Cognition This focus area is built on the knowledge of how language is processed, with the intention to apply this knowledge to areas such as communication disorders, digital humanities, language and speech sciences, language technology and neuro-cognitive approaches to language use and language learning.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Presently the School of Design has around 50 PhD students in the process of conducting research and completing various PhD dissertations. PhD defence meeting 5.

polyu mphil thesis

Language Education This area focuses on the frameworks of knowledge and skills that underpin language education theories of linguistics and language learning, discourse and corpus analysis, and the role of language in society and on language education itself, particularly trends in teaching, learning, curriculum development and assessment.