This topic is not open for further replies. How should the nurse respond? C Began treatment for hyperlipidemia with simvistatin Lipitor 6 months ago. B “Being active in sports only increases the risk for osteoporosis if your bones break a lot. D Client Teaching Kat’s healthcare provider recommends a regimen of exercise and diet. A Reassure the client that her lower back pain is the result of her osteopenia. B “As long as your vitamin supplement also contains Vitamin D, you will be receiving adequate supplementation.

D Perform another demonstration of the injection procedure so the client can carefully observe the steps. Case Study Answers Osteoporosis. While obtaining her vital signs, the nurse notes that Kat is pale and has petechiae on her anterior chest and neck. C “Walking more than a mile at one time is likely to increase your risk for another fracture. The nurse caring for Kat is concerned about the amount of opioid analgesics that Kat has received since her fracture occurred. A “What other responsibilities does your daughter have?

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B Meet privately with the nurse at once to discuss the conversation that was overheard. CORRECT This client is experiencing a large amount of postoperative drainage and may require a transfusion, as well as close monitoring. A An experienced critical care RN who is scheduled off for the day. C Notify the surgeon that this technique has reduced the client’s need for Morphine.


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The next available appointment is in 3 weeks. B Observe the client’s pupillary response to light every 8 hours.

pn osteoporosis hesi case study

Which action should the nurse take before completing the assessment? Which nursing diagnosis has the highest priority in the emergent phase? Outline the drainage on the dressing and write the date and time. However, the nurse needs to explain the rationale for taking the medication in the morning. This topic is not open for further replies.

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What is the priority nursing intervention osteoorosis admission? Which action should the nurse take concerning this request?

The nurse meets with Kat to provide related client teaching. Human Anatomy and Physiology – [High] [3 studh ago]. A nursing approach 7th D Administer an analgesic.

A Pelvic Fracture Management Kat’s respiratory status gradually improves and one-on-one monitoring is no longer required. D Ethical-Legal Considerations Since Kat’s respiratory status has stabilized, she undergoes an open reduction and internal fixation of the pelvis.

pn osteoporosis hesi case study

A Encourage the nurse to visit with the client’s daughter to share these concerns. Additional risk factors include being female and of Caucasian or Asian ethnicity.

Book covers, title and author names appear for reference only. B “Being active in sports only increases the risk for osteoporosis if your bones break a lot. Kat performs the procedure correctly, but states that she feels very nervous about giving herself a daily injection.


Hesi Case Study Pediatric Burns

Symptoms are the result of poor oxygenation, so the nurse’s first interventions should include measures to improve oxygenation, such as the application ostdoporosis oxygen. Physical activity, along with adequate nutrient intake, is essential to strengthen bone density.

CORRECT Pelvic fractures can be extremely painful, impacting all aspects of the client’s well-being, contributing to fatigue, sleep pattern disturbance, and impaired physical mobility. D The nurse reviews Kat’s medical history for other risk factors. C A graduate nurse serving a critical care internship who is at work but does not have a client studu assignment.

A Prepare the client for a blood transfusion. D Propantheline Pro-Banthinean anticholinergic, administered during the acute exacerbation. B The supervisor agrees to send additional nursing staff to the unit so that Kat can receive one-to-one care.

For a complete list of videos, visit our video library. B Ask Kat to describe her method of Fosamax administration. Additionally, the nurse administering the placebo does not have a prescription for this treatment.