The criterion for inclusion in the study were: This has been designed to assess coping processes in response to a specific stressful event experienced by the sample during the past four weeks. A more complex example is the long wait for relief aid that refugees may face. Javanese by doing an action so that it categorizes as students also face the academic failure by problem-focused coping. The domain scores were computed on the basis of WHO profiles

Some people will pace around or tell you how worried they are, others will revise, or pester their teachers for clues. The Journal of adolescent health: Most problems are a blend of these extremes and require both problem-focused and emotion-focused coping efforts. If you were disappointed with yourself for not checking on the milk and shopping for it yesterday you might feel embarrassment or shame. If the car is out of gas we fill it up. The internal consistency of the CSI factors, as measured by Cronbach’s coefficient alpha, ranged between 0.

The most commonly referred forms of coping were related to the positive reevaluation factor coping centered on emotions ; with the highest mean scores among women for all factors and for people who reported having a partner, living with their families and receiving support in their treatment, and the highest scores were common for the factors control, self-control, and social support.

Result Thematic categorization analysis showed Instrument that there are seven forms of coping which Open-ended questionnaire was used to performed by Javanese students who examine the coping strategies. Gender differences have also been reported: In general people who used emotion-focused strategies such as eating, drinking and taking drugs reported poorer health outcomes.

Stress Management

Limitation The results of this study must be interpreted with considering to some methodological limitations. Managing Stress The primary goal of coping is to manage stress —the resources required to counteract a stressor.


If you were disappointed sokving yourself for not checking on the milk and shopping for it yesterday you might feel embarrassment or shame.

planful problem solving coping strategies

There is also a positive association between physical impairment and work among men. Planfhl work best when the person can control the source of stress e. Skip to main content. Whereas planful cognitive coping which create positive problem coping is a rational problem meaning by focusing on personal growth solving techniques i.

planful problem solving coping strategies

zolving An academic sllving such as fail in of 8 subsclaes 1 problem-focused, 6 exam is a kind of result or outcome which emotion-focused, and 1 mixed problem can not be changed because it has already and emotion-focused coping scale happened. The literature describes a positive correlation between increasing age of people on hemodialysis and increased depression, and that older people on hemodialysis have less depression when they use avoidance as a coping method These illustrate a wide range range of emotion-focused strategies.

planful problem solving coping strategies

In addition to the material losses, problems cause stress and emotional responses based on oslving own appraisal of the personal meaning of each. References Stress and Emotion: After quickly considering the alternatives of eating out, eggs for breakfast, orange juice on strategiws cereal, skipping breakfast, or borrowing milk from the neighbor, you decide to drive to the local store to buy milk.

Coping with breast cancer in newly diagnosed Iranian women. Objectives In this study, we intended to evaluate the coping mechanisms in women at community level and determine its relationship with demographic factors and quality of life domains.

Emotional Competency – Coping

Meanwhile, positive reappraisal, accepting and blaming, seeking social support, avoidance, and close to God are categorized as emotional focused coping.

If we have abundant resources, the problem is easily overcome.

Observing —Paying careful attention to what is going on—The contents of the refrigerator were carefully examined in search of milk in this example Appraisal —Evaluating the impact of the observations on your particular goals —In this example the lack of milk will impact your goal of having cereal for breakfast.


Unfortunately women prefer deal with stress via emotion-focused coping strategies that increase the daily stress 5. However if the stressor cannot be removed or modified, for example when caring for a prlblem one with incurable Alzheimer’s disease, then an emotion-focused coping approach is adopted.

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A simple example of this is regaining strength solvimg resolve from a good night’s sleep and hearty breakfast. Items on this scale strafegies with those on the Distancing scale, which suggest detachment. In the Javanese students after experiencing grant theory of coping, emotion-focused academic failure; 1 confrontive problem coping consisted of distancing, escape- solving, 2 planful problem solving, 3 avoidance, accepting responsibility or positive reappraisal, 4 accepting blame, exercising self-control over the responsibility and blaming, 5 seeking expression or feeling, seeking social social support, 6 avoidance, and 7 support, and positive reappraisal closer to God.

They may also test your own competence. American psychologist46 8 InGrey and colleagues found that training the adaptive coping mechanisms to diabetic patients could be improved the quality of life and controlled the metabolic changes If the problem is prolonged or unsolvable, perhaps because it involves a permanent loss such as a broken relationship, chronic illness, or the death of a friend, then the focus of our stratgies is emotional.

The mean score of mental health in that country was We may become depressed if we lose hope.

S Distancing D N. Ineffective coping confuses the two. When stressful condition is focused coping in altering situation viewed hardly to change, people cping to Folkman et.