Which book do the students love? Choose one sentence that best rewrites the sentence given. In addition to exciting. They speak much about this book. He broke my watch.

Charlie said, “Tom had an accident last week but he wasn’t injured”. Not John but his brothers be Charlie said, “Margaret has had a baby”. By how many students is the bookshelf being carried? My watch be broken.

Yesterday the temperature was nine degrees. They believed that the man stole the car. The students were explained the rule. The police was sent for us 7. Willy accused Bob to have stolen his best cassette. The safe showed no signs of having been touched. Mrs Brown is interested in going shopping on Sundays.

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It is certainly true that the average woman has weaker muscles that the average man. I have enclosed a copy of my curriculum vitae, which describes my educational and work background. He reminded me to feed the chicken twice a day D. This book is much spoken about. The work are started last week. He lets me sit down. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Peter wished they have not been punished by the teacher yesterday.


Chris and Joe both did badly âk the exam. Have a good day Yes, that would be very nice I am good at swimming.

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The past perfect continuous tense a. I tell you, the warm weather makes me seriously think of transferring there.

phiên âm curriculum vitae

The team captain, as well as his players, be I realy enjoy meeting you, too. In spite of his money, he is not happy.

Fred suggested go …………. Mary has three brothers of who are married. He works in a bank.

Choose the underlined part in each sentence A, B,C, or D that needs correcting 1. Your son has decided to study in the USA. Do you go to school by bus?

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I have bought the book. He advised me to take an English course. All is ready C. The Caspian Sea, a salt lake, is the largest than any other lakes in the world. The woman sat next to me on the train.