I broke this spreadsheet up into the block schedule created by my school. Please do not contact course directors, department heads or the Visiting Student coordinator regarding availability. If your supervisor or departmental coordinator completes your evaluation, please remind them that the Visiting Students Office needs a printed or PDF copy of what was submitted for our records. It is generally not possible to complete more than one pediatrics rotation. Your personal statement should not be more than one side of one page. Masood Mohammed Med Student Mar 1,

At last I comprehended the importance of the basic science years as it related to patient care. Focus on lifestyles issues or what you will do with all your free time as an EP. How did the experience impact you? You may only apply for time frames where the deadline has not already passed. You may certainly include a letter of support from that faculty member with your supplemental application documents.

Do not get me wrong, VSAS is an incredibly useful and helpful tool for finding elective rotations. If you fail to notify the visiting student syatement at least four weeks prior to your start date, Northwestern will drop you from any future scheduled elective and your home school will be notified.

Department heads, coordinators and faculty should not be contacted regarding clinical clerkship opportunities.

Sample Personal Statement

First, you must accept the elective in VSAS within 7 days of the rotation offer. Please use the insurance payment form. However, not all institutions use VSAS.

Have at least two other people one vsa knows you well and one who knows the process of applying to EM residency well read your personal statement and give feedback. This email indicates when your home school has released your application to Northwestern for processing.


Often there is starement common thread that holds together even the most disparate of experiences — this common thread is usually one of your core values as a person. Prepare a short personal statement that you can use when applying to electives. The policy you submit must clearly state that all personnal minimum requirements are met, including dollar amounts. The personal statement should be your own original work.

You may not participate in clinical activities until this has been completed. It is generally not possible to complete more than one pediatrics rotation. Rehash your CV or write an autobiography.

personal statement vsas

A lot of institutions prsonal VSAS require a personal statement or letter of interest along with your application. Personal statements usually fall into 3 categories: You will be required to show your I form and disclose the conditions of your visa at registration. I know I have!

Those arrangements must be made prior to you accepting a rotation at Northwestern, and the form must be submitted to the Visiting Students Office before you begin your rotation. Accepted students are expected to secure housing on their own.

Time to Make A Game Plan: VSAS for Med Students

You will receive a student health insurance card and brochure of the policy when you register at Northwestern.

If statemejt can no longer attend an elective which you have accepted, you must submit the cancellation form to the visiting student coordinator via email no later than four weeks prior to your start date AND drop the elective on VSAS. Your immunization form is initially vas by the visiting students program coordinator to ensure that the four-page form is filled out correctly and that the required labs are attached.

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personal statement vsas

Commitment to specialty Talk about why you are choosing emergency medicine. Yes, please bring a waist-length white coat from your home institution.

After exploring other specialties, I reflected on the qualities that I wished to possess as a physician. If the offer is withdrawn due to lack of response or payment within the day time frame, you are not allowed to reapply for the same elective at the same staement.

However, this is a personal statement and you a free to write and organize it as you desire. Rotations are very limited. Select surgical specialties have applications available sooner, so please review the offerings in VSAS.

In order to apply your school must be a participating institution and your school must confirm that you are a current student. Applications without the immunization form and labs will be considered incomplete and vzas to be scheduled. While applying to elective rotations is not as intense as applying to residency, you should still have a game plan. It must be typed, include your full name and the name of the elective to which you are applying.