Transfer to LUMS from other universities. Posted by Zehra at One of the things that reviewers judge about you from your personal statement is how clearly you express yourself in written English, but that is not the primary purpose of the personal statement. This is a personal statement of a Pakistani student who made it to US on Fulbright Scholarship, in the field of Architecture. Join our facebook group.

All information submitted through online application should be supported by the provision of copies of relevant transcripts and certificates. In doing so, you should mention specific professors and their research that you think is aligned with your previous work. Vehicle s Registration documents of the vehicles being used by the family. I felt that particular difference during my visit when I was rendered speech less, over whelmed with surprise, awe, excitement, and sadness. Answered over 1 year ago.

Please keep informed of any changes by visiting www. Learn the fundamental skills that can help guide you down a new path of success in an exciting field. There is no unique way to write a resume but generally applicants from Pakistan are confused regarding what to and not to include in a resume. My eventual aim was to be able to impart knowledge, to teach people what I know.

In my university I had the chance to attend lectures from notable personalities and otherwise I had the chance to attend a few lectures in various hotels and I found that people who were most impressive to me, were those who understood the background and foreground of their subject, and even though were not active in the market, they knew exactly what happened and how it happened.

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The specific research problems that I would like to concentrate my doctoral studies on would be the Organizational Framework. I am an avid reader and I would like to extend that to include myself being a profound writer undervraduate well. I did not find one company that actually followed any rules for Organizational Frameworks.


Please respond promptly to avoid delays. I will confess to the fact that a lot of people told me that a PhD in Management Sciences might not really help that much with my professional career and it might not be a means to an end especially since I will be out of the active market and in the school for quite some time.

I have a broad interest in many subject areas, yet feel drawn towards a law or business orientated degree. You can tell about your aspirations and life goals as well. Personal statement gives insights into your mind. When I started my first job it was just to gain relevant experience and to actually apply what I had studied for two years.

I trust that specializing in a field from a school that stqtement has its business and management studies as its strength has its own perks which I am more than willing to divulge into. Besides requiring your transcripts and resumes that list your grades and achievements, graduate schools also require you to write one or two essays about yourself as part of your applications.

Thanks for the useful post. I learnt about the pre-requisites. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. I have a passion to write and that shall become evident in my work.

personal statement for lums undergraduate

So during my research, I would like to work on improving the way things work here in Pakistan. All information submitted through online application should be supported by the provision of copies of relevant transcripts and certificates.

I feel I am well equipped professionally and personally to cater to the requirements of this program and I have the will power, the stability, and the experience to handle what responsibility comes with it. This should only be used as an example and students shouldn’t just copy paste it. You have to explain why you opted for let say, engineering as your first preference and business as second preference in case you have selected business as your second preference.


personal statement for lums undergraduate

To me PhD is not a means to an end; I will consider my doctorate to be an end in itself and that is what I aim for since I am fully prepared to give it my complete dedication, time, energy, and of course attention.

A personal statement can focus on how fulfilling your academic goals will impact your career goals. Feeraz Khan 9 May at Answered Jan 29, It was also a test of my resourcefulness and I like to believe that I passed.

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After getting inducted into one of the prestigious colleges of the country, I continued these traditions for being most brilliant student of the class.

I can, as a result, present logical and informed arguments in structured and coherent manner – skills that will be integral to a law degree. Muhammad Shafaqat 10 April at After this they must have unanimously agreed U are a prick but they might let u in just to see How Big of a prick you are: I would begin my professional career; I will build it and gain adequate experience.