The Other Half of “Artists Ship”. Find the perfect audience for your poems, stories, essays, and reviews by researching over one thousand literary magazines. What the Bubble Got Right. A Plan for Spam. The shape of a program should reflect only the problem it needs to solve.

The List of N Things. A Fundraising Survival Guide. Any other regularity in the code is a sign, to me at least, that I’m using abstractions that aren’t powerful enough– often that I’m generating by hand the expansions of some macro that I need to write. Retrieved 22 July Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas.

It even has a handy chart of the classic Gang of Four patterns and the corresponding language features that implement each one.

paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds

The concept has been cited [ why? Retrieved 2 May How Art Can Be Good. InGraham announced that he was working on a new dialect of Lisp named Arc. Tue Future of Web Startups.

Are Design Patterns How Languages Evolve?

Only facts can serve that function. Was it simply that the vast majority of car designers were boneheads for 40 years? It’s only recently, grahame the WWW age, that people actually do a lot of this. He has a big heart and will take the time to listen to all of your needs.


How To Get Startup Ideas.

Paul Graham (programmer)

Lisp doesn’t need to evolve– it just instantly becomes. Where to See Silicon Valley. Retrieved 29 September When I ask why you can’t just write def foo n: The Hacker’s Guide to Investors. Is It Worth Being Wise? He is best known for his work on Lisphis former od Viaweb later renamed “Yahoo!

paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds

The Future of Startup Funding. InPaul Graham married Jessica Livingston. It boils down to mainstream knowledge about programming, languages, algorithms and patterns. It is not the most powerful language, but it is more powerful than Cobol or machine language.

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The 50 million lines of code in a Nortel switch probably didn’t even contain a sort.

paul grahams essay revenge of the nerds

Restricting what you can put in a function that isn’t the value of a variable makes about as much sense as restricting what you can do with a hash table or string that isn’t the value of a variable.


Holding a Program in One’s Head.

Houston, Texas USA info fogliettaconsulting. The Venture Capital Squeeze.

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I know that Python currently imposes these restrictions. How Not to Die. Neither Lisp nor Perl nor Smalltalk nor Javascript impose either restriction. Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule. So the power of a language becomes related to what an average IT professional can easily digest, which in turn is something that is commonly taught at university courses, explained in easily available books and discussed in popular articles.