Michel Rose of Reuters wrote: Sophisticated procedures, now available to scientists, are continually supplying us with new evidence,” said Angelika Fleckinger, Director of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology which helped to organise the Congress. Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Wikipedia article on Prehistory Wikipedia ; Early Humans elibrary. This idea supports the hypothesis about Otzi being a trader as well as the metalworker. He is the best-preserved prehistoric man ever discovered with his own equipment and clothing. The research was carried out by scientists from Ireland and Italy who published their results in the journal Scientific Reports.

The next day, in a burst of hurried surgical interventions as urgent as any operation on a living person, they would perform the first full-scale autopsy on the thawed body, hoping to shed new light on the mystery of who the Iceman really was and how he had died such a violent death. How to cite this page Choose cite format: By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. They slid the frozen body onto a stainless steel gurney. The scans were done quickly as possible while he was packed in ice to prevent any thawing. Also a stroke of luck was the way his corpse was embalmed in snow and ice soon after he died so that so much could be inferred the body.

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The most astonishing revelation came inwhen a local radiologist named Paul Gostner noticed a detail that had been overlooked in the images: Conclusioj you begin, reflect back on what you already know about the life and death of Otzi the Iceman. He had extensive tooth decay and worn teeth and his bones showed signs of a high degree a wear and tear. Be prepared to present your information to the class. Iceman’s Health Otzi had brown hair and type-O blood.


Some may believe he was a warrior, a trader or even a shepherd. The axe was checked to be his property and so it is thought that Otzi had the useful skill of making the copper weapons and also he was considered a wizard who was gifted by that ability. This constitutes ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for esssay section of the US Copyright Law.

It can cause teh or gastrointestinal distress and is typically spread among children when they play in dirt. Soon after the Iceman was taken to Austria it was discovered that he had actually been found on Italian soil and the Italians wanted him back.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Otzi the Iceman specifically for you. He was found high in the Alps where freezing temperatures and strong cold winds occur allowing him and his equipment to be preserved.

Arrows of his design would not work well in the forest where they can get tangled up in brush. They were are common source of meat.

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X-ray, CT scans and chemical analysis showed the unfinished bow was made of a yew tree cut lower down the mountain and arrows were tied to their shafts with sinew. These theories were put to rest after x-rays and CT scans revealed a flint arrow lodged in his left shoulder. He can be viewed through a window. On this day, however, Samadelli had raised the temperature in the museum’s tiny laboratory room to 18 degrees C 64 degrees F.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: The ice mummy, also known as Otzi, has been discovered well-preserved in the snows of the border between Austria and Italy. The fact that the coat was made from at least several animals belonging to at least two different species leads the researchers to conclude that the Iceman’s coat was stitched together, and possibly repaired with, any hides that were handy at the time.


The most striking phenomenon of the excavated treasure is that its age prevails somewhat years. We will write a custom essay sample on.

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Isotopes lodged in teeth enamel are good indicators esway what an individual consumed as a child. Schwarz’s endoscope kept bumping into ice crystals that blurred the camera lens. If he been in a glacier he would have pulverized into Iceman dust. Graefen was one of the principal writers of the study published in the Nature Communications journal. The date is September Analysis of concluwion “Iceman” with X-rays, CT scans and chemical analysis of bone, tissue and DNA samples has shown that he had very little body fat indicating he may have been close to starving ; he had four broken ribs; and had arthritis in his hip joints, knees, ankles and spine.

Hall, National Geographic, November ].

Use the links in this webquest to gather information surrounding the life and death of Icemqn the Iceman. He He had medium length wavy dark hair and wore a beard. Get Iceman from Amazon. Copyrights Iceman from BookRags. The “Iceman” carried a backpack and wore three layers of clothes: His backpack for example was badly damaged and scientists are not sure how it was worn:

otzi the iceman essay conclusion