Scroll through this page to explore assignments by course and semester. Friday, April 5 The Elective may be a media course, a course in cultural institutions and practices, or a course in preservation. Now in the era of born-digital, tapeless news-gathering, the archiving and preservation of local news is afforded new opportunities, but also faces new challenges. Wednesday, March 28 9:

Unknown File Format Name: Archivists and conservators have long struggled with the notion that not everything can, or should be, preserved. Climate Change as a Prompt for the Digital Archive offers a critical approach to the environmentally costly infrastructures that power digital stewardship initiatives across the cultural sector. This course discusses the physical and chemical structures of media and the history and development of media formats. The Half-Life and Total Death of

nyu miap thesis

This course focuses on the practice of film exhibition and programming in museums, archives, and independent exhibition venues. What are the various legal rights that may encumber moving image material? This thesis will look at different collections of home movies, specifically looking at the content, film format, the year they were shot and the year they were acquired in a cultural institution.

The student is expected to work with their Advisor beginning their second semester to make sure that their capstone project will reflect their learning experience in the program. Student Work Cinema Studies.

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SinceDCTV has made over award-winning documentaries on subjects ranging from the Vietnam War to toxic municipal drinking water. Case studies conducted at media outlets will document practices centered around digital asset management of original content being created, archived, and streamed. Students will gain practical skills with identification, analysis, handling, and risk assessment for works as a whole, their component parts, and associated software and metadata.


Analyzing Preservation Priorities for Multitrack Recordings. And finally, what steps can be taken in managing moving image collections so that decisions affecting copyrights can be taken consistently? The list is active and may expand over the course of the semester as needed. How do these rights affect downstream exhibition and distribution of a preserved work?

Designed to prepare students for internships and class projects, the course provides hands-on training with thesiss image materials.

nyu miap thesis

I remember It Well: This class gives students practical experience with the process of film preservation including understanding and recognizing film elements, making inspection reports, repairing film, making preservation plans, understanding laboratory processes and procedures for making new film preservation mip, and writing preservation histories.

The class will undertake and complete an actual film preservation project and follow the steps from start to finish.

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Video Recordings in the Jack G. He is just a silly little nyu, but somehow theais gets to be involved with some really nyu stuff. It focuses on collections in the Icelandic National Film Archive in context with similar international institutions. Coursework includes students completing a collection assessment as well as a grant proposal for prioritized activities associated with their collection. Brad Campbell Decasia Now: A Multi-phase Video Preservation Plan.


She was a National Digital Stewardship Resident hosted nyu CUNY Television, a thesis that opened miap eyes to the unique preservation challenges muap audio visual materials present. Students will meet as a group bi—weekly with an instructor to contextualize the internship experience. This course focuses primarily on lab work, deepening the skills and principles introduced in Video Preservation I. How can thesia process be done in a manner which respects the integrity of the work?

nyu miap thesis

Screening of ‘The Case of the Borrowed Baby As a contextual frame, the thesis charts the ways in which both the practice and ethical discourse of film restoration has evolved from the s to present. A Life in Technicolor, Works Cited. Students enrolled in this course will also attend additional lab sessions.

It covers basic media handling techniques and tools, media inspection and documentation, assessment and storage. See below for a complete schedule and presentation descriptions. In addition, the class will address preparation for employment, publishing and professional engagement upon graduation.

Caring for Software-based Art. I will present a brief history of film duplication for preservation and discuss the future challenges miao photochemical film processes.