But they do not find anything. The episode starts with Nobita’s mother asking Nobita to buy desserts to treat their visitor. After persuasion by Shizuka, Doraemon goes outside with Nobita and uses a “future mirror” to see what will happen to them in 10 seconds time. When Gian and Suneo use Nobita as a scapegoat after breaking the glass of an angry swordsman, Doraemon gives Nobita the mind changing broth to change the swordsman’s mind and make him get angry at Gian and Suneo instead. Nobita’s father stalks off. Gian is in charge of baseball practice but is a tyrant so Nobita uses a remote control box on Gian which controls him like a robot.

The owner scolded Nobita even though Gian does it, he forces Nobita to admit he did it. Gian blames Nobita for spoiling his field trip picture and beats him up. Tamako prepares a feast from the leftover foods kept in the fridge. Doraemon uses the Item Finding Dragonfly to find a ribbon that he wants to give to Mii-chan. When Gian and Suneo use Nobita as a scapegoat after breaking Kaminari’s window, Doraemon gives Nobita the “Say it for me” gum to make Gian and Suneo confess their mistake. Infuriated, Nobita writes some insulting things on the monitor which end up showing on the actual notebook and now he has to find a way to erase the text before Shizuka and Dekisugi find out what he did.

The angel insists Nobita forget Doraemon. Later, Nobita disappears under the homewprk handkerchief but his friends find him. Doraemon lends Nobita a computer pencil which writes all the answers to his homework. Doraemon removes the waste detector from his pocket to identify the waste in the house.

A machine which can predict future girlfriends causes trouble for Nobita when he visits them before they will know him. Then, Sailymotion uses the curse tincture on himself to scare the teacher.


Doraemon New ep Nobita Ka HomeWork In Hindi HD – video dailymotion

When Gian and Suneo spread a rumor that Nobita is taking the school carrots to feed Doraemon, both him and Nobita use the Rumor Without Root gadget to take revenge homrwork them. He forcefully takes the wishing malette from Doraemon to grow tall. Later, Doraemon reveals that he had changed the wish rocket, and that their wishes will come true. Nobita wishes to escape from everyone.

As the playground is occupied with construction materials, Doraemon uses traffic control timer to vacant the road for an hour, for the kids to play.

Doraemon HD Latest Episode in Hindi- Nobita Ka Homework – Video Dailymotion

He then goes to buy desserts and to his shock, turns into a cat for five minutes. Nobita places a getaway leaf on a pet dog, Beso who has been treated badly by his master. Later, Doraemon, Gian, and Suneo conspire against Nobita. They later use it to save Gian and Suneo from a forest fire. At first, Nobita mistakes it for a gun, but later homewprk how it works and uses it to knock Gian down. Doraemon, Gian, Suneo and Shizuka go in search of Nobita.

Doraemon by Fujiko Fujio. The writer of the book, Funiako Funio pleads to Nobita to lend the copy to him.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion

So, he uses Doraemon’s time swap reel to skip the time. Doraemon and Nobita create a train model with the help of the gadgets. But because of the handgrip athletic sticker, Nobita fails to enter the washroom. But Doraemon captures Alladin in the lamp. However, Shizuka still believes the rumor that Gian and Suneo spreaded, and Nobita accidentally misuses the gadget to make it such that he’s friend to all animals causing all of them to invade his house.


So, Doraemon uses the fix-it bandage and repairs the toys. Suneo boasts about his Samurai ancestor so Doraemon and Nobita go back in time to see Nobita’s hunter ancestor, and get caught up in a small war. So, Nobita uses Doraemon’s memory projecting lens to excel in his test.

nobita ka homework on dailymotion

The episode starts with Nobita running into Doraemon and asking him for a tool to help him study for his examinations that takes place tomorrow.

After misunderstanding a scenario where Shizuka and Dekisugi are reenacting the proposal scene from Snow White, Nobita and Doraemon travel to future to see the dallymotion of Nobita’s wedding. Nobita also goes into the future and meets the future Nobita. Doraemon and Nobita meet Shizuka and help her fulfil her wish with the help of the gadget. Nobita takes a command gun from Doraemon nbita shoots people for fun. Suneo takes Gian and Shizuka for a ride in his uncle’s sports car and refuses Nobita to come along.

But he gets himself into trouble when Gian and Suneo bobita the truth. To make the choice of clothes easier, Shizuka uses the gadget to create a clone hhomework herself, but the clone becomes possessive and after a scuffle, the gadget ends up in Nobita’s hands. Hence, Doraemon and Nobita reach Hawaii with the help of a compression gun and shock Suneo.