Baxla, M A Comparative study of similarity measures for item based top n recommendation. Khandelwal, Samir Designing a Valveless Micropump. Chouksey, Ashutosh Study of parametric optimization of fused deposition modelling process using response surface methodology. Gupta, Garima and Dhara, Alok Ranjan Estimation of exact equivalent parameters of synchronous machines for power system studies. Atal, Oshin and Sharma, Tanya Design of ultra small microstrip patch antenna for wireless communication applications.

Paswan, Swati Studying the arsenic absorption by keratin protein extracted from human hair. Satapathy, S Study of hybrid energy system based on wind-diesel engine system. Bakhsh, Anis Modeling and simulation of forced circulation evaporation crystallizer. Soren, B Studies on drying kinetics using fluidized bed dryer. Kumar, Pradeep Optimization of structural parameters using artificial neural network for vibration reduction in beams. Pradhan, Shubhashish Effective thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filled with red mud powder.

Bairagi, Alok Ranjan and. Jain, Sachin kumar and Tandon, Ankit Balancing between data utility and privacy preservation in data mining. Mandal, Abhijeet Gravitational Search Algorithm: Dushyant rourklea, Sharma and BinitaSen Grid synchronization algorithm for distributed generation system during grid abnormalities.

Mahapatra, Lipsa The effect of strain rate on jute fiber composites. Agrawal, Jatin A study on analysis and prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed titania coatings.

nit rourkela b tech thesis

Animesh, Amulya and Mishra, Vivek Modification of collector of Electro spinning Machine for the fabrication of 3-D nanofibrous scaffold for Tissue Engineering applications.


Kumar, Abhijeet Development of low cost filter using herbal technique. SorengR K Design of automated system rurkela management of seminars at national institute of technology,rourkela.

Das, Debashish and Das, Sambit Design of the drive mechanism for rourkla reciprocating coal feeder. Das, Ashrit and Pradhan, Sanjib Kumar Evaluation of explosives using ground vibration criterion.

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Sreevathsanath, Kolli Surya Study of various parameters in diesel-generator sets. Acharya, G and Pandey, S Target detection by radar using linear frequency modulation.

Sethi, S Plant design for microbial treatment of waste water with advanced oxidation process. Behera, S R The rheological study of slurry containing china clay and ball clay using different deflocculant.

Singh, Kumari Pratibha Analysis of different parking space and its comparison. Bhatia, Amitpal Singh I. Dash, Sanjit Object Height Estimation. Anurag, Anup Decoupled control strategy of grid interactive inverter system with optimal LCL filter design.

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ManoharSunil Dynamic Obstacle Detection. Mishra, Subrat Combined loose piece pattern for a complex job. Bal, Satarupa Experimental validation of ZVS boost converter with resonant circuit tehc low power photovoltaic applications.

Das, Nishan A study on analysis and prediction of erosion response of plasma sprayed alumina coatings. Bhandari, Sushma Artifical intilligence as a tool for ECG pattern recognition of tedh phases in eumenorrheic young females: Mallick, Jnanaranjan and Tudu, Manmohan Study of various data mining techniques. Panda, Chittaranjan Aspen plus simulation and experimental studies on biomass gasification. Sandeep, Manakeshwar and Sumeet roufkela, Verma Simulation of rapid loading systems in iron ore mines.


Samal, Soubhagya Ranjan Effective thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filles with coconut coir dust. Sastry, Sonti Vamsy Krishna Development and characterization of chitosan and chitosan-starch composite scaffolds prepared by freeze gelation method.

Biswal, Shatabdi Fabrication of abrasive jet machine. A molecular dynamics simulation study.

Mohapatra, Vivek Chandan and Sahu, Debashis Experimental studies on heat transfer teh using twisted aluminium taper clips and twisted tapes. Nayak, U 3D model analysis of human foot. Rakesh, K Vehicle tracking and accident alert system.

Appala, Vishnu Murthy In silico screening of potential inhibitors against glutathione S transferase of plasmodium falciparum.

Mohanty, Soumya Ranjan CFD analysis of heat transfer in a helical coil heat exchanger using fluent.

nit rourkela b tech thesis