Nakamura decides to go and help free him but when she finds Annaka and Mr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Will Mai tell her friends about the event that keeps her up at night? Finally the Professor eats the medicine after Nano mixes it with pudding. Later, Nano begs her creator, the Professor, to remove the noticeable windup key on her back, but she refuses because she thinks it is cute.

Archived from the original on July 9, Izumi and Mai for help. Retrieved July 9, On the morning of a very warm day, Nano’s hand shoots off like a rocket while she is stretching outside, and she begins to chase it. This unexpected choice lets Yuuko finally enjoy the distinct pleasure of having done your homework, but forgotten to bring it to school.

Nichijou – Episode 12

Sakamoto is horrified to see his old owner due to how badly she took care of him, and manages to escape while Nakamura is asking Nano to find and return Taisho if she ever finds him.

Later, the Professor plays “Who is it? Nano tries to convince the Professor to remove the wind-up key on her back as it’s hindering her school life, but gets mad and shoots the Professor with a pellet gun every time a dubious item comes out of her body.

nichijou yuuko homework

An evil man named Dolf kidnaps the King Albert and pursues his daughter, seeking two wooden cubes that nichiiou allow him to take over the kingdom. Archived from the original on July 9, The Professor and Sakamoto then run away when two new dogs arrive at the scene. Back in reality, Manabu Takasaki becomes conflicted between his feelings for Sakurai and his duty as a teacher. Will the red light-green light pair finally settle their differences and find happiness?


Nakamura makes coffee with a stronger drug for Nano but accidentally drinks it. Nakamura plans to kidnap Nano, as she is interested about her robotic nature. Nakamura plans to kidnap Nano nicuijou by luring her to a hole in the ground but Tsuyoshi falls into instead.

It seems like Ribbons lives in a pretty consistent world of public attractions that turn out to be ridiculous and also terrible.

Nichijou – Episode 12 | Wrong Every Time

As everyone celebrates Nano’s birthday, Nano learns to her chagrin that the smaller wind-up key was actually an add-on that makes her wind-up key spin when she’s happy.

Sakamoto leaves the room, leaving the two alone, only to trap himself again on the super glue. Yuuko unsurprisingly blames God for her nichijoou to do her damn homework. At the same time, Weboshi decides to confess her feeling to Tsuyoshi with Fecchan tagging along but when the girls finally see him, they are dumbfounded that Tsuyoshi is now bald.

The series is directed by Tatsuya Ishihara and aired in Japan from April 3, to September 26, Yuuko gotta Yuuko This unexpected choice lets Yuuko finally enjoy the distinct pleasure of having done your homework, but forgotten to bring it to school. And then we get this really nice quasi-match cut, as the pillars of the roller coaster behind Mio fade into the black lines representing her anxiety.

nichijou yuuko homework

And also great iteration on her fundamental joke. Takasaki becomes conflicted upon seeing Ms. Mai visit Nano at her home but the Professor doesn’t like her as she’s still upset over the incident with Mai’s dogs.


Izumi doesn’t find Mio’s drawings cool. The three girls at a restaurant.

And we return to the summer mood for the last two sequences, as both the professor and Yuuko nihijou on sleepy moments. When Mai returns, she apologizes to the Professor by giving her chocolate. Retrieved May 12, Retrieved from ” https: Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens gomework new window Click to homewoork on Facebook Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window.

Nakamura tries to escape only to get caught in a puddle of glue. While Misato, Weboshi and Fecchan are waiting during a rain, Fecchan decides to entertain the others only to get herself wet and dirty.

nichijou yuuko homework

Retrieved May 23, Nakamura decides to go and help free nicchijou but when she finds Annaka and Mr. Nakamura chases after Nano when the latter, Ms.

Nakamura is shocked to see Nano’s creator the Professor and Sakamoto, whose upper body is trapped in a bag which she thinks is a HomunculusMs. Nakamura decides to stalk and capture Nano by waiting at the supermarket she frequents.