A versatile resource that allows you to create your own pie chart in seconds. A great resource for introducing pupils to the concepts of work and conservation of energy. Pupils are shown a shape which they must redraw at a given scale factor. Space shepherd Tablet enabled – iPad Android more An activity to test your knowledge of the mathematical notation for regions in a Venn diagram.

At the end of the game you will be shown your score and awarded a prize monster. The result is a series of word documents that hyperlink to smartboard files, worksheets and interactive teaching materials to help plan and teach maths in a more systematic way throughout school. Ideal for teaching pupils how to identify equivalent fractions. This resource also contains a useful mnemonic to remember the first 8 digits of pi as well as a slide that displays the first digits of pi. Improve your ability to add fractions as you choose the right set of rockets to fire Ernie into the nest. The video of a modelled question takes students step-by-step through the problem solving process.

The strategy taught then was based on a guess and test approach.

ngfl maths problem solving

They construct their shape using a flexible polygon which can then be compared to the correct enlargement. Get it right and your woolly beast is saved.

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How tall is a giant? Place the coordinates Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Improve your ability to recognise the picture equivalent of a fraction with this resource.

Can you work out a system that enables you to solve the problem in the minimum number of moves? Reflections teaching tool Tablet enabled – iPad Android more To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As well as teaching year 4 children, I also set regular puzzles for more able children in years 5 and 6.


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A high energy quiz that requires coordination as well as knowledge. The addition can also be analysed numerically by a consideration of the horizontal and vertical components. When you’ve found all the combinations a surprising result is revealed which allows you to predict the number of permutations for any sized egg box and any number of eggs. This equation solver will show you how to use these equations by taking you through a simple five step process.

This is part one of two wonderful resources on Loci commissioned by the forward-thinking gents at the NGfL-Cymru. Although the website has worsheets for the activities, I rearranged them to save paper and to concentrate on area and perimeter click on the picture. A tool to help your pupils visualise fractions. You can test two fractions to see which is bigger by showing a visual representation of the fraction.

Solving this puzzle with children reminded me of other consecutive number puzzles we ptoblem solved over the years. More ‘paint a pie chart’ activities.

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This software is also a great teaching aid when describing the relationship between real-world motion and its graphical representation. Eggstreme maths An in-depth investigation in which you must find the number ways in which eggs can be packed in different sized egg boxes.


Can you work out how he does it? One well known story about him happened after the he misbehaved in primary school.

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problej This resource also contains a word-gap exercise. Answer the questions as fast as you can but try not to get any penalties.

When solving the three layer pyramid, children noticed that the numbers in the top row were all multiples of 4, and that the number was always four times the middle number on the bottom row. You will need to unzip it, open the folder and locate the word document: Representing vectors Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Virtually any function you want to view can easily be plotted with this tool.

Learn solvung measure distances and draw bearings on a scaled drawing. An outstanding graphing calculator from Desmos. What are the two numbers? The ultimate reaction test Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Function machine Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Drawing enlargements Tablet enabled – iPad Android more A function machine that works in reverse.

ngfl maths problem solving