Presently Gurais is divided into three regions: This village that remains buried under snow for seven months every year, is splendidly beautiful. The best thing about Syed Mehdi Shah’s photography is the unadulterated portrayal of nature’s beauty without unnecessary filters and editing. From Kel to forward jeep able road is available for Halmet, the valley above the Kel is also called Grace valley with its harsh and frozen weather in winter season, people have a typical life style. Our Europe travel story by manijeh asadi niazi. It is separated from it by snow covered peaks, some over meters above sea level.

It has been administratively divided into two sub-districts: One of the fact is the there is a long track goes towards Nanga Parbat. Red scarves fluttered in the fields. My driver and I drove by the Line of Control as we passed through an area opposite to the Keran sector of Indian-held Kashmir. At one spot we saw a spectacular triple story waterfall which was quite amazingly originating from a single source.

The nomads carried it in their arms for one day, but it was not possible for them to continue to do so. The Bakarwal tribes are known for taking regular long journeys from Kashmir to the Deosai plain, passing through the highest mountain passes of the Himalayas. It has been administratively divided into two sub-districts: Retrieved from ” https: As always job well done Syed Mehdi Bukhari! Now, who could this ‘Some one’ be.

After the lunch, we kicked ezsay yet again towards Kel along with our three companions from Sharda.

That movement was very mystical and was amazed to how beautiful the valley was in moonlight. Finally, after trekking continuously for four hours, I was in the village of Gagai, which is home to only a few dozen people.


Introducing Neelum Valley Neelum is a beautiful valley containing about small and large villages and near about two hundred thousand population.

Base camp to Ratti Gali is Dowarian. Dear reader, please upgrade to eessay latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. I See You by SlowWalker.

neelum valley essay

I knew that Bakarwals would never slaughter their animal even if they were dying with starvation. In Gulmarg did skiing and rode the cable car which is one of the world’s highest. As I was being driven along the River Neelum, I was amused to notice how contentedly this river flowed, meelum as natural border between Pakistan and India, oblivious to their animosity.

Travelogue – Neelum Valley, AJK, essay by KamranRifat

Kudos to Syed Bukhari for these photos. When the Karahi was served a new debate started on the table and it continued for about 5 minutes as to whether the food we were about to have a chicken Karahi or beef Karahi. Retrieved 6 May Kel This place is situated 90 km from Authmuqam and 19 kilometers journey from Sharda, which is at the height of meters above sea level. Its importance of being an educational and knowledge hub looked more of a distant dream now. Besides all these they are also good at Wood Carving and in making Rugs.

Often there are no signs of path due to land sliding and flooded water streams. The geographical features enhance the natural beauty of the Valley.

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The ever green forests are stretched in the far flung lush green plateaus with abundance of wildlife. Nevertheless they made up for it and had cooked Biryani and Karahi.


neelum valley essay

Dodnial This place is situated about 32 kilometers forward from Authmuqam at an altitude of about meters. Halmet has fascinating beautiful scenes yet unexplored.

neelum valley essay

This was our last night at Keran as well as in Neelum Valley — the paradise on earth. From Dawarrian it takes two days for hiking or riding and night stay at Dharian at 12, feet. A stream which is main source of water for cultivation for Authmuqam and for this village valle flowing mid of the whole these village and falls in river Neelum at the place of Shahkot.

A few young children looked out from the windows of the houses and waved at me. Neelum Valley provides a variety of treks at varying altitudes durations, ranging from a day to a week via from Dawarrian or Sharda to Ratti Gali with duration of 3 days, reaching a maximum altitude of meters and the trek can be extended to the Neeum Valley by crossing the Ratti Gali Pass.

It was cooler than we assumed and the doorstep of the rest house still had 4ft of snow left and the snow was only cleared from the entrance. The services of Dr. I believe both people have humanity and share the ancient history and culture. Nomads bury their dead wherever they die.