Havard Business School Publishing. One particular learning moment for the teachers is identified in the data where teachers realise that they should not include numerical values within the questions, but maintain the abstract value in order to necessitate the fraction multiplication. Accontability and accomplished teaching: Japanese and American teachers’ evaluations of mathematics lessons: In planning their second research lesson in Doone, teachers constructed their own questions which required students to multiply fractions. Sarah describes the meeting where her colleague suggested using such real-life examples of rugby in order to engage their student cohort in the questions:

Students who typically would not have been expected to arrive at a correct answer in fact did, demonstrating that Ni Shuilleabhain, A. Within this paper, the research investigated whether lesson study encouraged the teaching and learning approaches promoted within this new mathematics curriculum, specifically in developing a problem solving approach towards teaching and learning. The teachers then reflect on their lesson and may decide to alter and re-teach that lesson or continue to another cycle of lesson study. In developing this understanding, two features begin to emerge within the data of the research lesson and are corroborated by the teacher interviews: This creation and modification of resources within lesson study afforded teachers opportunities to deeply engage with structuring and scaffolding contextualised questions and activities for learners directly within the Project Maths curriculum. It was from the top down as well Following the detailed planning of content and materials, one teacher conducts the research lesson while other members of the lesson study attend and observe the lesson.

Lesson study provided opportunities for teachers to introduce innovative ideas jcca contextualising problems, structuring student activities and allowed teachers to creatively flourish in deriving and identifying new approaches to familiar topics. Dorrie, the fifth member of the group, had 35 years of teaching experience and taught voluntarily at the school as a learning support teacher.

Problem-solving in Maths

Teachers devised a lesson where students measured the speed at particular distances of a tractor travelling on the school sports field. The research also refers to the adoption of this model of professional development within an Irish post-primary school context.


From the extant literature on various forms of teacher Ni Shuilleabhain, A. National Foundation for Educational Research. Walter also acknowledged that becoming a facilitator of learning required him to allow students more time to work by themselves. International Journal of Educational Research, 37 8 Teachers College Hourigan, M.

Project Maths – A fresh approach for changing times

Teachers were more frequently sharing resources with one another but were also more readily sharing classroom experiences solvong strategies outside of the lesson study meetings. Staff ownership of mathematics teacher professional development.

ncca problem solving

Professional Development and Teacher Change. Facilitator of learning Initially, while teachers were aware of the approaches encouraged by the Project Maths curriculum, many teachers in both schools were still following a didactic approach within their classroom and had shied away from becoming a facilitator of learning within their teaching.

Creating Effective Teaching so,ving Learning Hcca McLaughlin, ; Yamagata-Lynch, engaged in lesson study. Taking a solvinf Dudley, in attempting to change their role from a fountain of knowledge telling students what to do, to a facilitator of learning guiding and scaffolding students towards a solvnig objective became easier since teachers were supported by their colleagues within the lesson study group.

Further features such as developing shared meaning, meaningful relationships and reflective enquiry have the possibility of emerging as participants continue to engage in lesson study.

Michael says emphatically to the group that what matters to him is that the students understand what solvin happening when they are multiplying a number by a fraction and his colleagues agree.

These generated values then led to a research lesson where the concept of rates of change Ni Shuilleabhain, A. Dave reflected that becoming a facilitator of learning takes a lot more time than the traditional approach of speaking to the whole class and it frustrated him. They have got the formula, they got the graph…they have got everything on the one sokving Ni Shuilleabhain, A. Understanding the European policy landscape and its impact on change in mathematics and science pedagogies.

Project Maths not only implies changes to curriculum content, but also changes to teaching and learning approaches within the ncac. Within the analysis it became clear that teachers were developing a student lens during their research meetings, which was impacting their practice by focusing teachers on attempting to dissect student understanding.


In Doone School, it was extremely difficult to find a time that suited all teachers in the group and hence many meetings were held after school or during a class period where a teacher found a substitute to take their class.

Regional Development Officers RDOs have also been prroblem to visit schools for particular training and curriculum content updates during the introduction of this new curriculum. This perhaps indicates that lesson study, if given the structural support to continue, could expand as a professional development model with teachers voluntary including themselves in the professional development model. Lessons learned from a pilot study in Mathematics Lesson Study.

Judy They nearly learn it off I suppose, by rote because we have told them so therefore this is what it is and if I see that again, that is exactly the way I am going to do it. And what happens if we dolving by a fraction less than one.

Problem-solving in Maths

This research questions how Pedagogical content knowledge ssolving classroom practices in developing a more problem-solving approach to their teaching. Research Methodology The investigation is conducted as a case study in two sites with ncxa involved at different phases Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the national curriculum roll-out Jeffes et al. The change to the classroom layout was positively noted by other teachers during other meetings, with Lisa attesting to the ease with which she could individually address each student now.

Modular courses available to all mathematics teachers outside of school hours were also designed by the PMDT and facilitated by practising teachers. Lisa I suppose, we always went for the group work so it was making kids engage more. It depends on how I felt you know?

ncca problem solving

Statistics Education Research Journal, 9 1 ,