In these circumstances, it is not possible to hold that the distribution of the marks or the test criterion laid down by the respondents is either arbitrary or irrational. The method of examination and its break up into five categories has been set out by the respondent No. Efforts have been made to limit the scope of arbitrariness in the former by narrowing down the proportion as various factors are likely to creep in, but the same standard cannot be applied for higher selections and this is clearly brought out in Lila Dhar case. The scheme of the examination is to be found in Clauses 2. No instance has been cited on which such apprehension could be held to be justified. This amount is usually adequate to meet daily living expenses and the cost of educational material.

We are, therefore, of the view that the contention that because in the instant case the weightage for the viva voce test is 40 per cent, it is per se excessive and hence arbitrary, cannot be accepted. The scheme of the examination also shows that the viva voce examination is not restricted to an interview of a few minutes as is so in the case of interviews held for entrance and selection proposed or for the purposes of making admissions, appointments and promotions. The ESI strives to support endocrine students in their aim toward becoming capable professionals. It is mandated that a candidate must pass the final theory examination within a period of eight years after passing the primary examination failing which the candidate will be required to reappear for the primary examination. With enhanced support and attention, postgraduate endocrine training in India is now geared up to meet the poly-headed Ravana of endocrine and metabolic disease.

In support of the contention that respondent No.

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It is trite that privilege cannot be claimed in any situation at the whim of the authority concerned. That is why we say rigid rules cannot be laid in these matters, and not by courts. The same reads as follows:. Singh, learned Counsel that the candidates who undergo the M.

natboard thesis status

Students receive a monthly stipend ranging from INR 20, to 75, during their training. Pursuit endocrinology — Perceptions, nwtboard and reactions of students undertaking internal medicine training regarding endocrinology.


The efficacy of an oral interview test for assessing and evaluating the capacity and calibre of candidates came up before the Apex Court in the celebrated pronouncement reported Ajay Hasia and Ors. In view of the challenge which has been laid in my view, this prohibition would required to be examined in the light of the principles which have been laid down by the courts so far thesiz challenges to delegated legislations are concerned.

However, there is no dispute that the regulations in the instant case are non-statutory.

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Based on this submission, the petitioner has sought a prayer seeking quashing of the provisions in Clause 6. The objectivity is to be found in the composition of the practical examination.

What marks should be awarded to a head and whether a particular feature of the examination should constitute an independent head or sub-head is a subject better left to the academic experts. Viva natboagd test is useful tool for measuring such personnel characteristics as initiative, ingenuity and ability to elicit cooperation In the counter affidavit filed the respondent No.

Open in a separate window. The court also observed that it is in public interest that the results of public examination when published should have some finality attached to them. Therefore the petitioner’s challenge to the result secured by her is misconceived and also devoid of any factual or material basis.

In that case this Court after referring to the decisions in Ajay Hasia, Lila Dhar, Ashok Kumar Yadav and Rafiquddin observed that a distinction appears to have been drawn nagboard interviews held for competitive examination or admission in educational institutions and selection for higher posts. According to respondent No. So far as clinical specialisations are concerned, a candidate has to work on patients. When properly natboxrd, the oral test today deserves a place in the battery used by the technical examiner these observationsa re made by Glenn Steh in his book on Public Personal Administration quoted with approval in Ashok Kumar Yadav’s case AIR SC supra.


As per Clause 6. Course, for example, candidates may have to be consummately interviewed, each of them for a few hours, perhaps, before any decision can be taken as to who may be admitted. A national curriculum is needed to bring uniformity in quality of education and training. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

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At this stage, it becomes necessary to advert to the reasons disclosed by the respondents for their refusal to disclose the marks. Cites 33 docs – [ View All ]. Indian J Endocrinol Metab.

Such an examination entails thesjs difficult course of study and can by no means, in my view, be equated to the entrance examination undertaken by candidates for securing admission either to the graduate, undergraduate course, MBBS or BDS courses or even an entrance examination for selection to an admission to a post-graduate degree course or a super-speciality course.

Courts interfere when the risk of arbitrariness is so high that arbitrariness is inevitable. State of Haryana and Ors The candidate is looking to secure a better qualification and for this reason strives to take, first, the primary examination, then the theory examination and lastly, the practical exam. Some of these qualities may be evaluated, perhaps nxtboard some degree of error, by an interview-test, much depending on the constitution of the interview Board.

The court observed that in view of the fact that the time as spent on each candidate was not more than four minutes and in these circumstances, reserving 50 marks for the interview out of the total of does seem excessive. Undoubtedly theory is important inasmuch as the intricacies and the functioning of the human body requires an in depth study of all that goes on in order to make it up. Financial support and sponsorship Nil.