In this case, you should be named as a joint inventor in any patent application. Doctoral Thesis Completion Grant Sgs. The Canadian Copyright Act provides that the author of a work is the first owner of copyright. Although acknowledgement may be appropriate in such circumstances, co-authorship rights cannot be assumed. Home Ceu thesis submission Ceu thesis submission Today , Similar images “Ceu thesis submission” photos:

In this model, only contributors to the form or expression of the work qualify; those supplying ideas normally do not. Intellectual property issues should be understood within the framework of research policies of the University of Toronto. The disposition of any resulting intellectual property rights would be in accordance with the University’s policies, subject to any specific sponsor policies. Students have intellectual property rights and rights to protection under the copyright and patent regimes, provided they satisfy the requirements of the law. At the outset, it must be recognized that considerable variation in practice exists among graduate programs within the University. If the invention is made on the premises of both institutions or agreement cannot be reached on whose policy applies, the policy of the institution that has provided the greater proportionate share of the salaries of the inventors governs. In brief, your supervisor and other parties may have a large or small claim on the intellectual property rights relating to work you do as a student.

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The University has policies that deal at length with specific aspects of intellectual property and the conduct of research. We encourage all students and supervisors at the start of the student’s prog ram to complete the Intell e ct u al Property Aw a r e ness form.

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School of Graduate Studies is an academic body that oversees all academic activities related to graduate studies in academic departments schools, colleges and institutions. For instance, if it was created in your capacity as a student, including as part of activities funded by a student award, it is probably yours.


ETSU offers a wide array of accredited programs, courses and degrees for you to choose from. When a graduate student who is working with a supervisor and supervisory committee makes an important discovery, who should benefit from the results?

mun sgs thesis submission

Intellectual property is the product of intellectual or creative activity that can submjssion protected under the law to some extent. Under the University’s affiliation agreements with the teaching hospitals, the policy of the institution on whose premises the invention was made governs.

Under the Copyright Policy, a graduate student would normally retain copyright in works that he or she creates, with two exceptions.

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

If each person’s contribution is distinct e. See the Intellectual Property Aw a r e ness F o rm for a suubmission for that discussion.

School of Graduate Studies sgs final thesis submission sheet. Copyright protects original literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic works in a variety of forms, including written materials and computer software. If you submissioh in doubt, please consult your supervisor. Indeed, a student’s research may be guided by a team or committee.

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

If you are not submitting an e-thesis, contact coraucc. It applies to many things: It prevents anyone from copying, publishing, translating, or broadcasting a work without the copyright owner’s permission. It is directed toward graduate students and graduate faculty members working with them, but we anticipate that it may also be of interest to a wider readership. Who is entitled to claim authorship of creative works that arise in the context of graduate education? Nevertheless they can submissipn important and potentially valuable outcomes of academic research.

A project sponsor may have rights to the data skbmission a sponsored research agreement, or may require that the data be made broadly available to the research community through public data archiving or other methods.

For example, if it is an invention, the determination of who is an inventor or co- inventor will depend on patent law.


If it has been disclosed in an article, a seminar or even in a conversation not covered by a confidentiality agreement before that filing, it will not qualify for a patent in most countries. There are various forms of legal protection, but the two which are most likely to be relevant in the University environment are copyright and patents.

The theais of permission to use data in your thesis does not give you the right to use the data for other purposes without permission. Experience has taught us that early discussion of matters relating to intellectual property can help the participants establish comfortable collaborations and minimize conflict.

The underlying causes of disputes can be complex but resolution can usually be obtained through discussion or negotiation through your department: This guidance document is intended to introduce students and supervisors to intellectual property issues and relevant University policies, and to contribute to the University’s commitment to academic freedom and the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Sge the physical and life sciences, collaboration and teamwork are common. Intellectual property issues should be understood within the framework of research policies of the University of Toronto. A thesis must consist of substantive Chapters including an introduction, intervening chapters and a concluding chapter as determined by the Faculty format which has been deposited with the School of Graduate Studies.

What right does my supervisor have to any discovery or invention I make? You may be a “joint inventor” if you make an original and substantive contribution to an invention.

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What makes an invention “new” is that it has not been disclosed publicly prior to the filing of a patent application.