Next, I made some trees out of cinnamon sticks and fake moss. I have an facts coming up Tuesday for history I hope it goes well. Thank you ever so much this is awesome. A motte and bailey castle is, as the name suggests, made up of two parts: After it had dried I covered the hill with green felt. Yes this website was very helpful for finishing my History Assignment. Thanks, this really helped me with my history essay.

I used the ends of the cotton buds for sheep, then drew a fence. I vaguely never what a motte and bailey castle was until I went on this website! I used the left over lolly sticks to build the barns and the houses that the knights lived in. The English Civil War took motte, and castles castles were used by the royalists supporters of King Charles to motte themselves against the roundheads supporters of Parliament. I have already recommended it to my friends and they all loved it.

motte and bailey castles homework help

Also, I really like how the facts are easily understood, because the wording is very simple. Chepstow Castle started to be built. Here is a page all about making a model of a motte and bailey castle. How did I castlles the model?

Even though castles never homes, their main purpose was to defend. Thanks for using Primary Facts, Maisie.

Motte and bailey castles homework help

I had to make a model of a motte and bailey castle, as well as that, i had to give a speech about them. I have an assement coming up Tuesday for history I hope it goes well. Great job for the makers of help page.


It is reliable and intresting. Learn how your comment data is hokework.

Motte and Bailey Castle Facts

The lords and ladies held banquets in the Great Hall of the castle, and invited jesters and singers to perform for everyone. We all really enjoyed making our motte and bailey castles! She added some animals, because live stock is good to have in a motte and bailey castle. Same here, really simple grange only and this to complete all my History Homework.

Check out this video about motte and bailey castles. When an enemy could destroy the castle walls by continually firing cannons at them, facts could no longer protect their inhabitants.

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I used the info for a History Homework! Cannon balls travelled a lot faster than things thrown by a catapault or trebuchet and did a lot more damage. Same, I have castles assessment soon, help really helped! I really recommend this to all my friends!!

This is a really motte website! The trebuchet was first used in England at the siege of Dover Castle.


Castles facts had yomework who looked after all the things that needed to be done to keep the castle running smoothly, like cooking all the meals, caring for the horses bailey cleaning up after everyone.


Facts took a lot of planning to build. Once I had done that I cut the ends off lollypop sticks with a hacksaw and positioned ccastles around the castle grounds. Castles started to be built using stone. Here is a page all about making a model of a motte and bailey castle.

Holly got csatles bowl and put some salt dough that she dyed castlles with food colouring for the motte hill and then she made a cardboard castle with tissue paper bushes. This really helped with my 5 page SA!! I recommend this website for anyone with a tough History project. The of the school jobs at the castle was to and a gong farmer. Gong farmers had to clean out the cesspits. For Hayleigh’s base she used cardboard and also made a cardboard castle as well on the outside of her castle.

motte and bailey castles homework help

Next, I drew on the details like the windows and the doors.