Read Voraciously Devouring words one page at a time. No tilting of head. Ali, Parker, Addison and Zoe, to name a few are some of the a lot of acclaimed collections from Replicas watches. The main reason why every page needs to be photocopied is that the government wants to see other countries’ stamps and also to see if you are blacklisted by other countries. Substitute your salary slip with investment income statement and the employment letter with the investment portfolio. The Malaysian government may change the level of fixed deposit — see this extract from an article by the Minister for Tourism:

Resume is for the main applicant only. You can download form here Click here Please fill in Form 1 Page 1, 2 Name of proposer your name as the main applicant Telephone number: These statements are to show that your pay is being deposited into your account. We aim to submit your MM2H application without having to go back to you for more documents; however you have to understand that sometimes the Ministry does require additional documents for very special cases. Under no circumstances, will any documents, already submitted to the relevant authorities, be returned. It must be an original documents, not printed from the internet or a photocopy. All applicants who wish to apply to stay in Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme must submit the following documents:

Hi Rodi- once you both have settled in Malaysia, you will find the country amazing- having been to the US in 3 months and recentlyMalaysians and Americans share the same trait- generally friendly and warm people. Although not the same as residency, the program is mostly designed for middle class folks that want to live or retire time in the country but not work.


mm2h application cover letter

appliction Applicants must scan and email us all required documents whichever relevant for our final review prior to delivery the documents to us. The ultimate guide for independent travellers seeking inspiration, advice and adventures beyond their wildest dreams. Or maybe someone from the blog knows an agent. There are some phrases we must put in. Please fill in your doctor’s particulars. Nothing is set in stone and adapting to our new lifestyle will no doubt be applicstion albeit it entertaining.

With two possible options for applicants, you can either choose a DIY do it yourself application or appoint a government licensed agent that will submit on your behalf. Please attach with Business Name Card of the person who certifies the documents. However, if it is too difficult or if applicafion takes too long, please ask someone who is highly regarded in your society and who knows you well police, lawyer, judge, doctors, etc or your company or an organization to write a letter for you stating that you don’t have a criminal record and you are well respected in your community.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Considered one of the better programs for expats searching for a warm climate, stable government, low crime and high standard of living, the MM2H Program has been mentioned many times in notable financial publications along with other countries like Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama.

Here is the link. Please fill in the details of your bank account and also your bank name. In addition, they should not participate in activities that can be considered sensitive to the local people and a threat to the security of the country.

mm2h application cover letter

Please fill in Form 1 Page 1, 2 Name of proposer your name as the main applicant Telephone number: It worked appljcation for us and we were sorted in 3 days.


We had our MM2H visa stamped in our passports nearly exactly a year ago today.

mm2h application cover letter

As you may have read in my posts, I am not an agent or an expert on filing MM2H which is why I recommended using an agent. MM2H Application Form s. The postings linked to agents. Mm2hh luck and look forward to catching up in Ipoh I will message you my email. Personal background and indicate your intention to join MM2H.

The comprehensive one will cost you RM per year per person.

Filing our MM2H Application (Finally)

Same letyer item 2. The Rambling Ginger Ramblings of a ginger. I wonder what happens when trying to renew the MM2H when there is no income from work?

They very strongly prefer cash or fixed deposits. New RB I Form.

It must show names of the applicant, wife or children if your wife and children are coming. Certification on the pages containing the photo and details required. If you want to use your own insurance, then we will just junk the form.

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Substitute your salary slip with investment income statement and the employment letter with the investment portfolio. You have to submit your salary slips or income statement. Certified true copies means they expect every page of bank statements, bank letters, brokerage statements and anything else you submit to be applicatin.