Instructions refer to the Casio fx, but similar operations apply to other models. It is currently on the school network, but if working from home you can download a day free trial. A different equation must be used for each method. Any list provided should be sent with the scripts to the external moderator. However, for Newton-Raphson and rearrangement i. Emphasize that it is not at all like GCSE coursework if they have done that since, in my experience, few of my students enjoyed that and were not confident about exactly what was required to achieve a high mark.

In each case, decide if those values of x and y give appropriate detail to the part of the curve where it crosses the x axis. Add this document to saved. Display of results The results box is situated to the left of the spanner button. Using only polynomials, with which they are very familiar, allows them to concentrate on the numerical methods. These numbers are not on the calculator axes, so it is best to choose a scale that you will remember easily.

Where analytical ccoursework are possible, they are preferable because they give an exact solution. You may also return to the default axes you started off with the button just to the left of the degrees button. Although this apparently does everything for them I require students to do the first iteration manually, boubds means that a polynomial equation must be used.

If there is only one equation you could type over it. Bristol Business School Academic Year: You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

In addition, you must not choose a cubic that crosses the x-axis at an integer value, since using the factor theorem you could then find a linear factor, reducing the cubic to linear times quadratic and therefore solvable. Upload document Create flashcards.


Similarly, quartics crossing the x-axis at two integer values are excluded. Too frequently, however, students feel obliged to pad these out with a load of waffle! Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.

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Autograph is an advanced graph drawing package that will make the graphical side of the C3 coursework much simpler than drawing by hand or using Excel. There are many other facilities, but if you are familiar with bounde the above, you will be in a position to add graphs to your coursework.

mei c3 coursework error bounds

I think you have to give these to at least 5sf but check the coursework guide. It is by no means the only way, but may be of some help, particularly to those new to the topic.

mei c3 coursework error bounds

cojrsework Your coursework uses three methods and ideally you should choose equations where the associated graph is going to cross the x-axis 2 or 3 times.

Add this document to saved. The buttons alongside this one allow for pausing etc.


It therefore emphasises just how quickly this method converges Appendix 3 for starting instructions. An example is given of an equation where one of the roots cannot be found by the chosen method. This worksheet is designed to help you identify suitable equations for your coursework by investigating the shape of different curves using your graphics calculator. Consequently, they do decimal search as their change of sign method, using the graph and table facilities from their calculator.


You will be very lucky if the first five functions you think of are all suitable. When drawing a graph by hand you would mark the axes in a similar way, but would also write -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, meo on the axes to remind you. This exercise is given to them to complete over the summer break. For several years Ertor have used a different approach which proved very successful.


Also, from the shape of the curve it looks as if there will only be these three roots. The option you want is XY scatter, and then choose the sub-type with the curve cpursework without showing individual points. Some of these will lead to the equations you will use for your coursework. When this coursework was first introduced, many years ago, it was in the last of the three Pure Mathematics units, and in content it has changed very little since then.

Error bounds are established for one of the roots.

mei c3 coursework error bounds

Your solution bounds are Yes, my password is: Why do I focus on polynomial equations? Right-clicking the mouse This operation gives several additional menu options, especially once one or more curves have been selected. Thanks in advance for any help, BF. They feel comfortable with polynomial graphs, having sketched them without calculators in C1, and are able to differentiate polynomial functions for those methods that require this.