Two major earthquakes within 1 month, plus thousands of aftershocks. Register for free Register below to become a free member of Teachit Geography As a free member, you’ll have access to: An activity relating to the causes of the San Francisco earthquakes. This is a comparison resource for two earthquake events. Saturday, January 20, Earthquake Case Study:

Buy now View a…. You will need to learn the case study of the San Francisco Earthquake. What happened to the other stories? Weather and climate These resources are red hot Height on maps Height on maps Resources to show how height can be shown on maps using map cross sections and contour lines. Short-term emergency relief Help and aid provided to an area to prevent immediate loss of life because of shortages of basics, such as water, food and shelter. Revision and summary of skills Revision and summary of skills Resources to summarise and assess learning including revision mats, games and assessment ideas.

A card sort activity on the main four plate boundaries. Each presentation supplements a specific lesson within the teaching notes, and is designed to be used alongside the teaching material within the notes.

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Case Study of Earthquakes MEDC – Loma Prieta, San Francisco, USA

It was the largest earthquake to occur on the San Andreas fault since the Great San Francisco earthquake in April These are made from concrete and have steel rods embedded inside to help strengthen. It lasted for 90 seconds! All KS4 resources All our KS4 teaching resources, listed alphabetically This is a list of all our Key Stage 4 worksheets and handouts, interactive resources and tools and ideas for use in the classroom.


medc earthquake case study san francisco

We hope to fix this issue within the next hour or two. Destructive plate boundary Heavier oceanic crust gets pushed under the continental plate e. Changing urban environments KS4 Changing urban environments Browse the topics below to find KS4 changing urban environments teaching resources, created by experienced teachers.

Parts of the plates get stuck and then lurch free causing earthquakes. Nazca is subducting under South American plate. Long-term planning Planning that takes into consideration the long term i. Weather and climate These resources are red hot Published by Albert Garrett Modified over 3 years ago. To briefly explain stydy taken.

Terms and conditions Teachit Terms and Conditions Below you will find our terms and conditions. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Collision plate boundary The plates neither sink or are destroyed — so they buckle upwards forming mountains The rock jolts and grinds, causing earthquakes e. Fluid lava flows out slowly from the volcano because If you wish csae download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

We think you have liked this presentation. Oceanic crust The part of the crust dominated by denser basaltic rocks.


The Restless Earth Year 11 revision – ppt video online download

This is a comparison resource for two earthquake events. Teachit Timer A fantastic free clock for timing classroom activities.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

casf Earthquakes happen along the rim of the pacific ocean, in a zone called The Pacific Ring of Fire. The Indian plate moves into the Eurasian plate at a rate of 6cm a year. People may be killed or injured.

Earthquakes – AQA – Revision 4 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

San Francisco, dead 2, homeless 6. Subscribe for 6 months We are currently experiencing problems with our payment gateway. Help absorb some of sideways motion. Liquefaction – where the ground begins to act like a liquid during an earthquake Focus – the start of the earthquake underground Epicentre – the point on the grounds surface directly above the epicentre.

These are some pictures of the destruction. Resources 48 Pages 97 Blog 1 Please log in or join us to access our resources. Minimise loss of life Minimise disruption of critical services Minimise damage.