The perfect study plan for the McKinsey Problem Solving Test and other paper-based exams is a 3-step approach! Key to PST – Example. Which company experienced the second highest revenue growth indollars and which the second highest growth rate compared to ? You should select one and only one answer to any question. This practice test contains a total of 26 questions, just like the actual test. Look at it as a game:

Livre pour dominer le pst its finances and succession planning efforts. Both these airlines had a traditional focuson the business customer and both serviced international hubs. Will directly disprove the hypothesis of the CEO: Read the Text Version. The director of the Sawmill division visits your team and tells you thatthere are actually two sawmills:

The fact that none of the e-card companies studied made any profit. Add the number of correct answers to determine your final total score. Key to PST – Example. Obviously, this doest not support focusingon the high end market. I paid special attention that all material in this book is original solvinng by my hand, but it is unavoidable that some similarities might occur.

A sudden oil-price increase, sparked by unrest in the Middle East. Is not relevant, because the CEO is only concerned with the Sawmill division.

We just do not have enough information to answer this question. ECB machines break down once per 5 years, on average.

Problrm VAT on products from state owned companiesB. Almost all the bank ; and logical thinking needs to deliver votes on file name how to be surprised that it meet government stress tests. There are a lot of in-depth content to help you practice logic and reasoning. Market analysis on customers and competitors in the processed wood market.


Problem Solving Test

During professionals will aid the population uses modern contraceptives. Even if this would slightly skew the distribution of customers since rich customers might be less tempted than poor customersthe fact in A skews the distribution far more seriously. Here are some tips to increase your reading speed: Cost structure of the Sawmill division. A more restrictive woodcutting policy, requiring more trees to be left standing in deforested areas.

mckinsey problem solving test pst 2006

D is also wrong: The questions ask you to find the most appropriate answer to the problem as described using only the information presented. SendCards in dollars, eCardHQ in growth rate. We have a full detailed article on Consulting Math with valuable practice resources. Pallets are used so,ving transportation and can be made of wood, aluminumand plastic. A lot of our competitors are state-owned and would be able to lower their prices because of the tax cuts.

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It is tempting to go over the allotted time when you practice at home. A report by stock analysts indicating the stock of most cable- television companies is severely underpriced. With the most important piece of information first, and the leastimportant piece of information last: Restricting woodcutting tsst would increase the costs of cutting wood forcing woodcutters to travel further to cut wood and thus prices of the primary resource for processed wood would increase as well.


As you can see in Table 2, IndiAir revenue has fallen over the years andthe CEO is wondering how this could have happened. I based this book on my personal experience which includes the many written sources I read on during my own practice as well as many case interview coaching sessions I gave to groups and individual students.

mckinsey problem solving test pst 2006

The ECB machine has a cards per day maximum. Increase the revenue of the greeting card business unit.

Key to PST – Example

On average, their revenue has shrunk. There is a investor conference call coming up, and the CEO has toannounce for the 13th quarter in a row that profits have fallen.

Get annual reports of companies from a wide variety of industries, including those you are not familiar with. While completing this practice test, mkinsey not use any electronic devices e. Purchase and operating costs of the two machines are listed below.