Hubner, Marilyn Constructing Safety Training: Kasperczyk, Richard T Barriers to systemic work stress prevention in Australian organisations. Lamaro, Josh The effect of osteopathic treatment on people with chronic and sub-chronic neck pain. Studies of the Indonesian Case. Kleebpung, Nonthasruang Advertising and media literacy: Frazer, Ashlyn K Physiological studies investigating the effect of homeostatic plasticity of the motor cortex on the expression of muscle strength.

Baryaa, Abdullah Juma A framework for the development of electronic government projects in public service organisations in Oman. Gallaher, Emma Louise Recovering from repeat sprint activity and elite Australian football training and competition: Huynh, Dung Damage detection in structures using frequency response function FRF data and finite element modelling. Cooper, Jayson Co-creating with, and in, a southern landscape. Ke, Pu Chun Near-field scanning optical microscopy with laser trapping. Alfarran, Abeer Increasing women’s labour market participation in Saudi Arabia: Krastev, Krasimir Diasporic orchestrations:

Le Rossignol, Peter A comparison of the massters and thermoregulatory responses of children and adults exercising in hot environmental conditions. Han, Julie You-Hee Pressure signature in adverse-pressure-gradient wall bounded turbulent flows.

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Boonsiritomachai, Waranpong Enablers affecting the adoption of business intelligence: Dolan, Chelsea Louise Developmental perspectives on community beliefs and attitudes about sleep. Bhaskaran, Sukumaran A study of current strategies and position and an analysis of the market prospects for the export of Australian dairy products to Malaysia.


masters thesis policy vuw

Jones, Lisa E The jewel in the heart of the lotus: Chen, Li Regenerated desiccant devices for cooling stored grains. Ibrahimi, Farshad Lagoon effluent treatment using grass filtration bays.

Firth, Lucy Learning in industry, innovation and growth. Georgiou, Helen Reasons for use and disclosure of complementary medicine by people with haemoglobinopathy. Jones, David The effect of osteopathic manipulative therapy applied to the lumbar spine on mwsters stability: Koehn, Stefan Propensity and attainment of flow state.

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Ball, Robyn Open adoption in Victoria, Theiss Carroll, Jillian Intellectual collegiality and leadership in the neoliberal reflexive university.

Implications for Positive Psychology. Bartlett, Jonathan Exercise-induced cell signalling responses of human skeletal muscle: Hansanti, Songporn Beau Financial liberalisation and the crisis in Thailand in Danthuluri, Ravi Investigation on the quality of videoconferencing over the Internet and intranet environments. Gerber, Tracey The metabolic responses of high intensity intermittent exercise in healthy untrained adults.

Muangnapoe, Pichit The effect of meditation on anxiety in sport. Research Master thesis, Victoria University. Brathwaite, James Victoria University of Wellington Krishnan, Siva Student experiences of problem-based learning in engineering: Polixy, Hossien Adaptive defibrillator design.


Daw, Josephine Beyond the studio: Brooke, Sarah Giving flight to the Imagination: Public housing in Kuala Lumpur was introduced by the government as a means of replacing informal settlements and providing housing for the lower income. Cai, Zibo Impulse radio intrabody communication system for thrsis body area networks.

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Jegasothy, Hemalatha An alternative quantitative method and molecular genetics of amylose in Australian wheats. Ives, Robert V Reduction of the parameter estimation time for an adaptive control system.

McArdle, Kristina Temporal, spatial and thematic analysis of special events in Msters Dingle, Greg Playing the Carbon Game: Currie, Norma The management of the non-clinical knowledge of nurses within North Western Health.

Cortese, Raimondo Hyperrealism and the everyday in creative practice: Huang, Wen Xin A fibre optic based ranging sensor.