Hoe goed gaat het samen leven tussen student-bewoners en stadjers op staartniveau eigenlijk? Transfer options Transferring from First, it allows students maximum scientific freedom to learn and discover. The main contemporary issues and controversies surrounding heritage and identifications in pluralistic societies will also be addressed, including practical examples during guest lectures Lecturers: This course considers some of the key overarching concepts and ideas in cultural geography, especially those pertinent to regional development.

Click on the course title to go to the full course description, information about lecturers, literature and time period. No access with other majors. Maar daar komt ie. These changes result in new needs, frictions, opportunities and problems. In begint de geschiedenis van wat nu de Faculteit Ru … imtelijke Wetenschappen van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen is.

This programme allows the study of Spatial Sciences in the broadest possible way and it trains students to become good researchers. Both aims are strongly connected, although from an educational perspective they take somewhat different angles. Why study this programme in Groningen?

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If academic level abroad is equivalent. Niet iedere student heeft met iedere kostenpost te maken. You will be trained in integrating financial and economic-geographic skills with knowledge of local institutions.

Student exchange What is it?

If you have sufficient progress in Frd curriculum. The aim is to apply quantitative methods to real estate concepts and associated problems. Socio-Spatial Planning master students on excursion to Belgrade, Serbia, where they analyzed social problems in a socialist suburb, analyzed sustainable public transport and building quality.


If you are looking to do a two year programme and are rjg in doing research, you can combine the Master in Real Estate Studies with our top rated Research Master in Spatial Sciences.

master thesis rug frw

If you are interested in a rrug programme related to geography, spatial planning, real estate or demography come visit our Master’s Day! Find out more about this project at https: We employ a range of qualitative, quantitative, micro and macro research methodologies to uncover these issues and to help improve wellbeing, to encourage innovation, and to increase our understanding of spatial transformation processes.

During the programme we offer support for your career preparation. The scope of the platform has been extended from primary care to an integral perspective which covers costs, health, primary care, secondary care and medication.

Population Studies

In hebben meer dan Deadline for registration in Studielink will be announced soon. The current state of many institutions will not be sufficient to meet the needs and standards of future elderly with middle or high incomes: Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. In het vak ‘Revitalisatie van de Wijk’ beantwoorden we die vraag.

master thesis rug frw

How they succeeded in visualizing the city, with the limited means available at the time, is extremely impressive. It’s fieldwork time for our bachelor.


Courses master Real Estate Studies

Waarom aan de RUG? During the programme I realised that history isn’t really for me. At the same time global, commercial brokers report huge differences among local real estate markets. Examination Cosmology Thursday 12 Thhesis, No access with other majors. After completing 5 months of internship, I carried on working there for almost 2. The Master Population Studies trains you to become a versatile demographer. Hiernaast staat een overzicht van de gemiddelde kosten die een uitwonende student heeft.

He compared how long East Germans would have lived if thrsis wall had not fallen with how long they were actually living, two decades later.

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Our project based work is designed to develop your research skills and introduce you to group working. Sections de cette Page.

Always wanted to understand how characteristics of places relate to the quality of life and rrw of people? Watch a video of the latest Master event.