It was hurriedly assembled and is being carried by a rocket much smaller than American or Russian equivalents. Dr Annadurai is the program director. Indian astronauts are tipped to be known as “vyomanauts”, a term that derives from the Sanskrit word for the sky. It would employ deep-space communications, navigation-guidance-control capabilities, and autonomy at the end of the spacecraft. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic:

MOM revolves in an elliptical orbit around Mars with a time period of nearly 73hours. India has become the first nation to send a satellite into orbit around Mars on its first attempt, and the first Asian nation to do so. The Mars orbiter mission, known as Mangalyaan in India, was announced only 15 months ago by prime minister Manmohan Singh, shortly after China’s attempt flopped when its rocket failed to leave Earth’s atmosphere. A chemical composition analyser senses and analyses the neutral composition of the atmosphere. The mission is a great motivation for budding scientists and gives ways for more successful mission from our country in future. Indian missions to Mars. Retrieved 25 March

Retrieved 25 September Scientists mahgalyaan that, if methane is present, it could be a sign of microbial life and will give some hints about the origin of life.

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Why Mangalyaan’s path is full of riders”. List of Solar System probes List of lunar probes List of space telescopes.

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Archived from the original on 17 October The objectives of MOM are to demonstrate our capabilities and status in space technology and exploration of Mars. They will give orders to ISRO to launch their satellites and spacecrafts in future. Archived from the original on 24 September List of PSLV launches. First science results from the Mars Orbiter Mission”.

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India’s Mars mission: Mangalyaan orbiter successfully launched into space

Its measurements of other atmospheric components will dovetail very nicely with Maven and the observations being made by Europe’s Mars Express. Retrieved 6 March The timing led to speculation India was seeking to make manglayaan point to its militarily and economically superior neighbour, despite denials from the country’s space agency.

Spacecraft missions to Mars. Solar power panels are used to generate electric power of watts and store them in a Lithium battery for use by the scientific instruments, when in the orbit, for six months.

mangalyaan essay in english

Mangalyqan The Great Meghalaya Floods of Free help with homework Free help with homework. Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. It’s this The Liberal Party didn’t have an election victory in Victoria. It cruised for nearly days to reach the planned orbit.

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