Now, because of what happened, can we still say that peace remains? What a waste if that is true! Moro group, Suara Bangsamoro, claimed in a post-fact-finding mission report that at least 7 civilians were killed and 3 others were injured during the Mamasapano clash. The said article has my said about the “senate hearing” and public opinions based on what I have read all over For feedback, complaints, or inquiries, contact us. Retrieved February 3,

But he failed to give in to that request. Retrieved January 27, So be careful and listen to my advice. Date January 25, US embassy denies report”.

Retrieved January 20, By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. US embassy denies report”. What a waste if that is true! Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. On the other hand, according to one MILF official, 17 incidenh their members were killed in the clash.

Retrieved January 29, So be careful and listen to my advice. The operation caught the attention of many [ who?

mamasapano incident essay

Initial reports said that he was mamaapano by his own guards, or infighting among them. Some of the policemen, several of whom came with their families, were in tears as the bishop delivered his homily.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines also conducted a rescue operation to save the remaining 29 SAF survivors who were encircled by the enemies. Refugees of the Philippines Proclamation No.

SAF 44 Reflection

Black propaganda was smeared for his accessory to the failure of the operation. Hopefully in the future, they inncident come into situations such as these in a more prepared manner, complete with several back-up plans in case something such as this were ever to occur again. Benzar expressed doubt of his brother’s participation and believes that Bahnarin would not associate himself with such groups like the BIFF nor to people like Abdul Basit Usman ammasapano made an attempt to kill Benzar’s grandfather.


Retrieved February 23, Cotabato City—Two years have passed since the infamous incident in Barangay Tukanalipao in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, where 67 persons were killed in a botched operation conducted by the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.

Blaming is the only thing left to do. Some of the radios of the SAF Commandos were incidet because these were not designed for military-type tactical operations. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information.

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We continue to call for justice and hope that their sacrifice will essay be in vain. Almost in complete attendance were the members of the PNPA Kaisang Bisig Class ofwho lost three of their batchmates in the massacre: Records also indicate the possibility that some SAF Commandos were stripped-off their protective vests prior to being shot at close-range.

An inquiry conducted by the Senate shed some light on what happened on that fateful day.

mamasapano incident essay

Another thing is that they are still unable to confirm on who gave the actual order in regards to the incident in Mamasapano. He also took note that unlike in the Senate where Cayetano and JV Ejercito had withdrawn their sponsorship of the bill, no congressman had done the same, and incidetn the measure would be passed on time. Ony forty-two of them, the two were buried earlier as per Muslims’ tradition. Moro Msmasapano Liberation Front Misuari faction.


Mamasapano clash

Until now, the ghost of his failure threatens his Senatorial bid in Malaysian businessmen looking for sites in Cotabato cancelled their trip while a group of Malaysians and Singaporeans who are seeking to replicate their mini mall business halted ma,asapano investment.

He also added that the Canadian government is awaiting further clarifications on what really happened in Maguindanao.

mamasapano incident essay

It led to the nonpassage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law and, as many analysts point out, the beginning of displeasure with the Aquino administration as to its sincerity in pursuing an enduring peace agreement with the Bangsamoro. Earlier, a Manila Standard Today article claimed that Purisima not only knew of the operation, but even took control of the operations despite being suspended from duty.

And makes me feel hate to know that a rebel even stole the uniform as a belief that it is a sign of victory and mobile phone of one of the deceased men and still have the guts to answer the call of the grieving family introducing himself, telling them who are still hoping that their kin was still alive that he has the phone and they were all dead.