They are travelers who visit a destination or attraction which lasts for more than twenty-four hours and requires lodging facilities Goeldner, Rizal Park is a historic place that must be maintained and sustained. If they develop a tourist destination, it will help to attract tourists. This is just a sample. Our first destination is Rizal Park, when I heard that it is a part of our itinerary, I got excited. Help Center Find new research papers in: This shows the changes during different administrations.

These one hundred nine are chosen to be the respondents study. The Criteria in Choosing of Respondents were: Rizal, whose mortal remains were interred in the cornershore of the Rizal Monument in http: Definition of Terms For better understanding the following are enumerated: My organizational skills have improved greatly. They were randomly selected by the researchers. Subject of the Study The subjects of the study are mainly local and foreign tourists who visited Rizal Park.

In the process, tourism will have developed a national sense of thesos either through domestic tourism as more Filipinos see the beauty of their country or through foreign tourist as more visitors to appreciate and take pleasure in indigenous Filipino attractions Manila Bulletin,p.

luneta park thesis

Local and Foreign Tourists. The chapter is principally concerned with the presentation, analysis and interpretation of data gathered from the respondents. This study shows the implications of tourism industry to government level and company level.

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Villafuerte, explained that the extent of the impact of tourism and determined by the nature of the main tourist facilities and their attractiveness to the general public. The only difference is that Rizal Park is a man-made attraction and there a lot of hotel in the area Lundberg, Local Literature Rizal Park has transformed into a radiant fulfillment of what the Filipino hero himself might have dreamt; a project realized through the awakened and concerted efforts of the people, and without government aid.


Based on outcome of the data gathered the following tables are enumerated: A respondent knows every part or corner of Rizal Park.

It is mentioned as the modification of the environment to whatever degree and the application of human, financial, living, and nonliving resources to satisfy human needs and improve the quality of human life Goeldner, Tourism.

luneta park thesis

lunetta Our first destination is Rizal Park, when I heard that it is a part of our itinerary, I got excited. The history of a place is felt through visits to old buildings and churches, and other places of historical value. This study gives ideas on what they can do to improve Rizal Park today Altomonte, This shows the changes during different administrations.

Click here to sign up. Questionnaires were distributed randomly to the visitors of Rizal Park.

This relates to the present study because it tells about the history of improvement of Rizal Park. Retrieved May 23,from https: This marker serves as the point from which road distances from Manila are measured. Like the Rizal Park, foreign and local tourists visit the place because they are curious, they find peace and relaxation, and pafk the same time they appreciate its historical and cultural value while learning from it Kon, Tourism and Rizal Park 7 July However, the volume of foreign tourist arrivals will have stabilized in line tthesis the absorptive capacity of the economy and in specific tourist markets that the Philippines will have catered to; tourist arrivals will have assumed a more balanced nationality profile.

luneta park thesis

Reviewer Life of Dr Jose Oark. Percentage to make quantitative comparisons of the profile of the respondents. But something caught my eye, the Spoliarium who was painted by Juan Luna. And the one hundred nine is for the population.


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The speaker says the painting signifies the death or absence of freedom or the loss of hope of a country. And within the park are Chinese and Japanese gardens, orchidarium and butterfly pavilion, several historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, restaurant and many more.

We enjoy the sceneries like gardens, historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, an observatory, an open-air concert hall, an artists’ sanctuary, a light-and-sound theatre, restaurants, food kiosks and playgrounds, and dozens of fountains.

These frequencies were converted to the rate. Rizal Park lueta a portrait of strength of the Filipino having with of 4.

This is related to the present study because it tackles about the impact of tourism in a certain place, like the impact of the tourist arrival in Manila, because Rizal Park is one of the tourist attractions.

It describes what currently exist, like current conditions, causes and effects relationship, trends, situations and interpretations of such data, since the study deal with the assessment of existing amenities and services concerning the possible alternatives towards a more vibrant Rizal Park. Log In Sign Up.

The Rizal Park and Tbesis was built on commemoration on the National Hero who gave his life for the liberation of their country, Dr.