Presentation Your thesis must be presented in a permanent and legible form in print. Berger, N ; Neighbourhood and home environments and adolescent physical activity behaviours: Bazzano, Alessandra Nina ; Reducing neonatal mortality in rural Ghana: PhD thesis, Ghent University. Aikins, Moses Kweku Sekyi ; Cost-effectiveness analysis of insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets bednets used as a malaria control measure:

Gallagher, KE ; Evaluating human papillomavirus vaccine introduction in Tanzania and other low-resource settings. Over the course of my degree, I had the opportunity to participate in various medical missions with NGOs in Peru and Tanzania as well as carry out tropical and coral reef ecology research in Tanzania and The Bahamas, respectively. There are different requirements for students of fine arts, design, architecture or town planning. Mwatsama, Modi ; Public health policy struggles: If you would also like your front cover foiled you will need to supply us a single page PDF of the front cover.

Smit, Pw ; Dried blood spots to improve patient management in remote settings. Barrett, Geraldine ; Developing a measure of unplanned pregnancy. Bachinger, Eleonore ; Consensus and complacency: The course covered a wide range of disciplines beyond emerging infectious diseases, from epidemiology to anthropology, and has been delivered by those at the top of their game.

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Lim, J ; The characterization of the lipoprotein VacJ in Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia thailandensis. Patouillard, E ; An economic analysis of the market for malaria treatment in Cambodia. This programme allows me to continue gaining on-the-ground work experience in my current job while simultaneously furthering my official education.

I had spent my time in research of infectious diseases since I finished my undergraduate studies and therefore this course would serve to increase my depth of understanding on the transmission, control and biology of infectious diseases.


We have a number of templates for various universities so no need to worry, just press the relevant button when ordering. I also consider that such a system encourages a self-discovery approach to education.

lshtm thesis binding

I chose to study it because I am an ardent believer in addressing the impact of structural and population-level factors llshtm health. Having such an internationally renowned degree will definitely help me secure internships and a job in my future career. A big table in the middle of thesos room allows you to go through your volumes, check them over and add anything in.

Al Junid, Syned Mohamed ; The role of private practitioners in a rural district of Malaysia and their interactions with public health services. Ojal, JO ; Long-term population effects of pneumococcal vaccines on carriage of pneumococcal serotypes and subsequent disease in Kenya.

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I took a year off in between to teach English abroad before deciding to apply for masters programs. Evidence from the Pacific Islands.

I have a wide range of research interests including melanoma and m-health in developing countries. Minassian, C ; Use of electronic health records to investigate the role of acute inflammation and infection in vascular disease.

lshtm thesis binding

I can objectively say that my knowledge lxhtm clinical research has been boosted and I can offer a more comprehensive advice. Hill, Nigel ; Effects of sublethal doses of pyrethroids on malaria vectors.

Cifuentes, Enrique ; Impact of bindinng irrigation on intestinal infections in a farming population in Mexico. My key responsibilities include providing nutrition insight and direction to teams leading global projects: Pardo Puentes, Raul Hernando ; The ecology and control of cutaneous Leishmaniasis vectors in the sub-Andean mountainous zone of Huila department, Colombia. It will also present new horizons ghesis me to accelerate in the health sector and I am confident that I will better be able to serve humanity.


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Pursuing the MSc Public Health program was a decision I made after much deliberation and encouragement from my mentors and professional seniors. I subsequently decided to undertake two modules at the School in London, as part of the blended learning, to allow me engaging with other like-minded colleagues and students, exchanging forward-thinking ideas, and building broader networks. It is a truly multidisciplinary subject, spanning from anthropology to mathematical modelling.

Taking a multi-payer perspective in the financing and economic evaluation of structural HIV interventions. We were taught by lecturers that have a huge impact in their field and incredible experience to share with us about every aspect of their area including field research.

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Boccia, Delia ; The social epidemiology of tuberculosis a study in Zambia. My previous employer is a collaborative partner with the School and after having had first-hand experience of the type of research conducted as well as expertise available at the School, it was an obvious choice for me.

A4 size paper x mm should be used. Hussein, M ; Further investigation of the roles of fibronectin-binding proteins CadF and FlpA during Campylobacter jejuni interactions with intestinal epithelial cells.