But a strange man has been following Darcy and after Jamee got a black eye from her boyfriend when she broke up with him she got a threatening note from on her desk. She would dream everyday about the things that they used to do as a family. Jamee ended up running away because of all the drama with school and her family life. While she was waiting at a bus stop, she noticed a silver toyota. These links will automatically appear in your email. So he felt he had to get away and live his life with excitement before he dies.

Extinction by Keith R. I haven’t personally have had anyone leave me in that way. Darcy was the older sister. Jamee went to the mountains where she and her dad used to go skiing. Historical romance novels that are well loved by those who read the genre. She’s taught to be submissive and obedient to their

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I could read it again and again! Essay on lost and found by anne schraff. The basic theme of this book is to always give another chance. Darcy thought lsot herself.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Then, after a few days grandma tells Darcy,”We went to the mountains and ate fried fish and schtaff to the wind in the trees. More by this author Follow Paola Nunez. Anthia Thia is a princess of Rhodaire and eagerly awaits Then fining a threatening not on your desk at school.

If you like books that talk about life situations, drama, and romance, then this book is for you. We try to make TeenInk. The most amazing part of Lost and found, in my opinion, would be when they found Jamee.


Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. Jamee had more personality and, truly was the deepest character. Darcy always got joked around school for being so smart.

Lost and Found

The other good thing znne this book is the conflictmy favorite conflict in this book is when Darcy helped her sister to stop thinking about the boy Bobby Wallace. Next, this book is said to be engaging not just by me but by plenty of other people.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

My favorite part of the story was losy she seen the person she did towards the end. She has a boyfriend and she has friends. Telling their mom was no option she was always busy working.

lost and found by anne schraff | Teen Ink

Quite the same Wikipedia. I like this 0. At first, she let Tarah and Cooper be rude to her, but then she stuck through it, she wanted to give up on Tarah but instead she wanted to actually make it work! I like this book because I get to learn something off of it and not only read because it’s an obligation. I like the way Darcy used her brain towards the ending, because nobody would have thought to go look in the woods, which was where Jamee’s favorite place was to go with her dad when she was younger, before he left her and her family.


As I was reading it, everybody was telling if I read one I won’t stop reading the rest of them. Nobody knows, not even her closest friend. Extinction by Keith R. Her dad left when they were Darcy Wills was the main character of the book. Historical romance novels that are well loved by those who read the genre. I choose this becouse its very interesting to me and first time i the first page was dound of schrraff and.

The author is named Anne Schraff. Also, there has been a stalker that has been following Darcy and she gets mysterious notes from the stalker wssay she keeps seeing him outside esasy her school.

Also, she’s forced to team up with a girl she doesn’t like at her school, Tarah, for a biology assignment. This also shows how people in general would and possibly will look down on others because they have certain advantages. Trivia About Lost and Found B