Any innovative product could be quickly copied by retailers or other manufacturers. By lower the price, it could give the company the advantages of getting the interests towards the products. Dutch women were highly cost conscious when shopping for cosmetics. The study goes on to provide some information relating. Something would have to be done to improve the consumer perception of the brands, such as a stronger positioning statement, a focused marketing plan, or a better product in general. Communication problems arising out of different business traditions, lack of communication, cultural differences, growth of external stakeholders might occur and result in unfavorable litigation, negative publicity, and unfavorable regulatory policies. But every company always have their key ingredients for their products.

Problems of entering Nederland Market: For current distribution channels and proposed distribution and the percent of sales expected from each outlet given only Belle Couleur is launched, see Appendix 1 and 2. According to market research, after knowing the price those who used the product for a week were less likely to purchase the product than those who just used it once. January 12, www. The main customers were those under 25 years old. Personal advertise for better customer service To have personal presold at places for product selling in drug stores, supermarkets, etc.

Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. Chicago Format “L’oreal Nederland B. Synergie will also have to find a way to familiarize the Dutch consumer with the technical product descriptions and terms that make Synergie unique. Identification of Alternative Solutions Introduce the Synergie line of skin care products Synergie was a new line of natural-ingredient facial skin care products including moisturizing cream, anti-aging day cream, anti-wrinkle cream, cleansing milk, mask, and cleansing gel.

Company History The following pages will focus on analyzing the corporate situation of the L’Oreal Group, the most prominent cosmetics… Pages: Solution Possibilities Option 1: This is another obstacle Garnier must overcome in addition to launching a product line to a market with little brand awareness. It did not want to gain distribution with excessive reliance on trade deals or high than normal retail gross margins.


Furthermore this would introduce not only one but two brand names into the market simultaneously in France but since the L’Oreal brand was already present in the Dutch market concern was expressed that the Dutch market would be burdened by introduction of yet two more brands into the market.

Case Analysis: L’Oreal Nederland B.V.

International Corporation Discussion L oreal Is. This seems to show that the product is not as good as others in its price range.

loreal nederland bv case study

The first introduction must be successful. If Belle Couleur is going to work in the Netherlands, the organization will have to immediately work on a distribution plan, as the Dutch like to buy specific products at neserland locations, therefore a detailed marketing and advertisement strategy must be put into place.

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Bella Couleur Bella Couleur is a line of permanent hair colouring products. Hopefully this will lead to reduced perceived consumer risk, trial of the product, and finally increasing brand and family loyalty. The three quarters of Dutch Woman coloured their hair by using permanent colorant.

According to the introduction, the product has not been selling well in the Australian market, which was surprising when compared to the American and European markets.

To move into the hair care market Belle Couleur needs to modify its product to cover gray hair, they have a nederlabd positioning statement sgudy resonates with consumers who want nedreland to cover gray hair. After the customers get their facial done, they might decide to purchase the facial products, after they have been advised and advertised by the clinic advisor.

After the early experience in Italy, Shiseido decided to adopt a prestige brand as cas overseas strategy, and targeted the upper class as they moved into France. For Dutch women, colouring has become more a fashion statement then just to cover gray.


However, the fastest-growing population segments were the 25 or older groups. From then all the market researches could be done to find the best solution to solve the problem. They adopted the attitude that the quality of a cosmetic can only be experienced by actually using it on one’s skin.

The percentage of woman was not known, nor was the trends in the usage of this method known. According to the sample test, the buying intentions increased once the market price had revealed.

The product range can be sold at the different locations, such as drugs store and supermarket. Cosmetic consumers tend to be studdy loyal in fear that they will have experience negative results when attempting to use a new or different brand.

L Oreal Case Study – Essay – words

Appendix 7 Gunnarson Hoppe Kroger Stanley. Advertisement The higher spending of advertisement was necessary to develop brand awareness, ideally brand preference.

loreal nederland bv case study

Dutch Market Dutch is a small but very potential market. For the Synergie marketing program, Rourke could take a page from Shiseido’s playbook when the Japanese company introduced its products into the European markets.

Primary Impact Factors Any new product introduced to the Dutch market must have a strong product concept and high market potential. By launching both product lines, Dutch consumers would become even more familiar with the Garnier brand name and potentially be more willing to try the product. To integrate a new supplier or subcontractor, a. Belle Couleur When consumers stdy products, they want their product is worth the cost that they paid for.