Interviews were conducted in private and government banks. In recent years legal scholars of this country have ventured into the daunting task of undertaking a scholarly research surrounding the issues of the Ethiopian constitutional system in general, and the federal scheme in particular. It has been argued that the federal law has been applied in Oromia for some reasons. In addition, it is not sufficiently clear in what manner the rehabilitation support should be given to the displaced farmers. Needless to state, land is life blood of peasants and pastoralists in the country as it is meant everything for their life.

A number of families have been displaced from their rural livelihood and migrated to urban areas to work on exploitive labour, prostitution, begging and others. A number of hectares of the rural lands have been expropriated due to the expansion of urbanization, investment activities, construction of public services such as Addis Ababa-Adama high way road construction, Eastern Industry Zone and other activities. The said Proclamation No. The nature and scope of investment in banks and by banks is regulated in different countries differently. Some seriously criticized it and others applauded it.

This area has also been affected by Addis Ababa-Adama road construction by the Chinese company yhesis EIZ construction which has affected This power is exercised with the purpose of furthering the interest of the public use, which prevail over the private interests.

For instance, the taking of farm lands from the individuals for road constructions can be considered as public purpose. Article 40 of the constitution which provides for property rights states that the right to thess of rural and urban land as well as of all natural resources is exclusively vested in the state and in the people of Ethiopia.

Other models of plant variety protection laws can as well meet the effective sui generis requirement of TRIPS.

LLM Thesis Papers (II) – Ethiopian Legal Brief

Accordingly, this study was conducted to evaluate the problems faced by banks in resolution of non-performing loans. Inter-Governmental fiscal transfers in Ethiopia: In recent years legal scholars of this country have ventured into the daunting task of undertaking a scholarly research surrounding the issues of the Ethiopian constitutional system in general, and the federal scheme in particular. This is a regulation to implement the expropriation proclamation No. To sum up, there is a requirement of public purpose as a limitation univefsity the expropriation power of the government, including the government of Ethiopia and governments may not expropriate any property for private purpose, irrespective of their willingness to pay compensation.


Almost all of the urban land is owned by the state, and the rural suburban land is owned by peasant collectives.

LLM Thesis Papers (II)

Above all, he argued, there is a chronic contradiction between the law and practice in the regional state. Accordingly the study demonstrates that although food establishments, in Ethiopia, are rapidly increasing and their role in the economy of the country is also considerable, food quality regulatory system, however, is not keep pace with the contemporary food quality and safety assurance system.

She is and continues to be my guardian angel. Expropriation is a universiry intrusive power held by government.

llm thesis addis ababa university

Such a gap between organizational and llmm structure in the realm of affiliate companies have been the subject of many academic discussion and there are also judicial and legislative development in the area, a tendency for special regulation in the interest of minority shareholders and creditors of the member company in the group particularly in the civil Law legal system.

Hence, his findings cannot represent the reality of entire country in general and the situation of Oromia regional state in particular. My devoted thanks are due to Ato Etefa Tola, Nigusie Teddessie, and Hussein Ahmed for their constructive advice, moral thssis material support in the course of my study.

LLM Thesis – Ethiopian Legal Brief

Finally, the study closes with conclusions and possible recommendations. Similarly, the urban administration, municipality, is given the same power to designate members of a committee to value the property.

Overview of Land Tenure Policy in Ethiopia………………………………………………… However, the terms used in different legislations unigersity according to the type of the legislations and the question rests on the amount of compensation. For instance, lessees are required to carry out proper land management activities on the plot of land unniversity their leasehold during the lease period98 while irrigation land users are obliged to use the land under their holding properly in such a way that avoids misuse and under use of the potential productive value of the land resource, and also mitigate the negative environmental impacts associated with the development of irrigation schemes.


Ludes and Harold S. How far is the practice compatible with the law in the univerwity state? The rural citizens who have been affected by the expropriation are facing difficulties to restore their life because of low amount of compensation and due to lack of commitments from the part of expropriating authorities to help them rehabilitated and public purpose has become a looming crisis to the life the farmers.

llm thesis addis ababa university

Tnxs guy u did so well Loading Monetary compensation is payable to termination of use rights ,in addition to the property situate on the land and permanent improvement made to the land, in two principal cases: Thank you very much for attaching this excellent material which serve for LLM students in all unversity in ethioipa you put, a kowlege for all ethiopian students. Universitt life expectancy in Ethiopia is also not limited to only 10 years but at least goes above 40 years in average.

Thesls this purpose, the constitutionally recognized right of public participation is thoroughly discussed in line with development processes.

llm thesis addis ababa university

Together with other mechanisms judicial review is designed as a response to this trait in order to hold public bodies accountable. As a member of the federation, each regional state has its own constitution in which minority ethnic groups may or may not be recognized.

Nonetheless, in relation to plant variety protection, the TRIPS Agreement purports to deviate from the one size unievrsity all approach by permitting Members either to use patent, or an effective sui generis system or a combination thereof.

It is believed to plant 80 different kinds of industries including manufacturing, garment, agro-processing and different factories for production of various goods.

Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, Vol. In line with the principles enshrined in the Federal and Regional Constitutions, Article 6 1 of the Proclamation provides that landholders will have the right to acquire property on the land under their possession and are also entitled to sale, exchange or bequeath property they have produced through their labor or capital without any restriction.