We aimed to obtain global estimates of puerperal psychosis prevalence based on population-based samples and to understand how postpartum psychosis is assessed and captured among included studies. Many women who have had postpartum psychosis go on to have more children, but there is a high risk of having another episode. You do have a higher risk if you have bipolar disorder type I or schizoaffective disorder, a previous postpartum psychosis yourself, or a history of postpartum psychosis in a close relative see the table below. Electroconvulsive therapy in medication nonresponsive patients with mixed mania and bipolar depression. Early postpartum symptoms in puerperal psychosis. A study of indoor cases in a general hospital psychiatric clinic. Do ask for advice about contraception.

It can vary from mild to very severe. Manual-based group psychotherapy for bipolar disorder: Can you reduce other stressful things going on in your life? Results The search yielded 24, publications, of which six studies met the criteria. WHO systematic review of maternal mortality and morbidity:

J Women’s Health Larchmt ; 17 8: While the aim of our search was to capture prevalence data, as mentioned in the background, the majority of included studies reported on incidence of puerperal psychosis.

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Several systematic reviews are being conducted as part of this initiative, including reviews on the prevalence of conditions included in the definition of maternal morbidity. Familiality of the puerperal trigger in bipolar disorder: Prognosis, risk factors, and treatment. Adverse effects may include hyponatremia, hypersensitivity reactions, and lowered oral contraceptive efficacy; other common side effects are headache, dizziness, gait imbalance, fatigue, poor psycbosis, and memory changes.


Support Center Support Center. Although lithium is not commonly prescribed for breastfeeding women, investigators have noted that the avoidance literaure based on minimal data from over two decades ago.

Given that the articles without disaggregated data were of high quality, they were included, although the Okano article was not included as the authors found the lack of transparency in calculations a major flaw. One study compared incidence rates between two different postpartum time periods, breaking postpartum psychosis incidence down into two categories: Some mothers have difficulty bonding with their babies after an episode of postpartum psychosis.

A Review of Postpartum Psychosis

Try to keep your home as calm and quiet as literatude. Treatment plans work best when they are individualized for each patient and include interventions that provided good response in the past. Physicians and health professionals are advised to assess the renal and thyroid functions of patients who require lithium treatment for symptoms of PP. Perinatal Episodes across the Mood Disorder Spectrum.

literature review on puerperal psychosis

As described above, postpartum psychosis is a key marker for the risk of future affective disorder, which is significant contributor to the global burden of disease [ 743 ]. The manuscript by Bang et al. Methods The protocol for all the systematic reviews associated with the maternal morbidity initiative was adapted from the peer-reviewed methodology established for the WHO Systematic Review of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality [ 27 ].

J Nerv Ment Dis. What can be done if I develop postpartum psychosis?


A Review of Postpartum Psychosis

Is puerperal psychosis the same as bipolar manic-depressive disorder? Although this systematic review confirms the relatively low rate of puerperal psychosis, given the potential for serious consequences associated with puerperal psychosis, even a low rate becomes a significant public health issue from a global perspective.

They aim to increase public awareness and promote psyfhosis into the condition. Please review our privacy policy.

literature review on puerperal psychosis

If that happens, your partner or family will need to care for your baby. Revuew T, Winokur G. Psychiatric episodes in women with young children. A data extraction instrument was used to obtain data from included studies.

literature review on puerperal psychosis

Counselling or couple therapy may be helpful for some couples. PLoS Med 6 6: The funder of the study had no role in study design, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, or writing of the report.

Author manuscript; available in PMC Jun 7. Gender differences in suicidal behaviour. Your midwives, health visitor and mental health nurse should visit puerpperal regularly in the first few weeks after your baby is born.

Fasting blood glucose, HbA1C in patient with insulin-dependent diabetes, type II diabetes, glucose intolerance during pregnancy.