The first to be picked was the first village and the procedure continued in that order. Traumatic or wound myiasis has been a serious complication of war wounds in tropical areas and is sometimes observed in neglected ulcers: Symptomology- A change in the physical or mental condition of a person regarded as evidence of a disorder. Condition of the floor Figure Scientific knowledge on how to deal best with Tungiasis is scanty. The Economics of Human Parasite.

However some species may persist for many months. Sampling interval Villages Procedure Kth interval Mugumoini 4 3 Mithandukuini 41 8 Mabanda 45 7 Therefore, the above will be the sampling interval for the respective villages. The sample was distributed to the three villages in the sub-location. I also dedicate to all my lecturers at KMTC Msambweni and all my fellow PHO students for their company, assistance, encouragement and moral support during my study period in Environmental Health Sciences. Skip to main content.

During the 19th century, Britain sent troops from Its Indian colony to Africa. Top ten Diseases Table literatire In alone, Busonga region in Uganda registered 20 deaths related to jigger infection and 20, severe cases were registered.

The reviews causing furuncular myiasis read article humans are Dermatobia hominisCuterebra, Cordylobia anthropophagaCordylobia rodhainiWohlfahrtia sp. Practices on jigger prevention and control as well as jigger infestation were measured using questions on; preferred methods of jigger removal, awareness of individual and communal jigger prevention activities and awareness of the communal activities planners, jigger infested persons seen at the time of the study and reasons for jigger persistence at this time and era.

Well maintained In a traditional fishing village in Northern brazil, the overall than 60 years.

literature review on jigger infestation

Knowledge The proportion of respondents who were aware of jigger infested persons was Traumatic or wound myiasis has been a serious complication of war wounds in tropical areas and is sometimes observed in neglected ulcers: The localization, number and stage of penetrated fleas, as well as the associated morbidity, were documented.


The consequences of parasitic infestation control are part infsstation a complex circle involving many socio-economic factors and should therefore not be measured without considering other related factors [ 10 ].

This agrees with Ugbomoiko et al which suggested that in rural villages in north western Cameroon, shoes would be worn on special occasion. Itching is the commonest symptoms [ 7 ].

Literature review on jigger infestation

By Lawrence Ikamari Ikamari. Introduction Jigger flea, also known as sand flea, Chigoe or Tunga penetrans is an ecto-parasite which causes Tungiasis parasitic condition of humans and animals. Josephat Nyagero contributed in the interpretation of data, contribution to writing and final version approval.

Accessed on 24 February Respondents infection by jiggers Figure4: From Africa the parasite was able to spread to Asia.

literature review on jigger infestation

This could be a contributing factor to the risk of being affected with jiggers according to www. When they returned home, the troops brought the jigge flea with them into India and Pakistan. Dusty surfaces, cracks and crevices in the walls and floors harbour insects and vermin therefore should be avoided.

Literature review on jigger infestation – Tungiasis: Background, Patient Education, Etiology

Not wearing closed shoes contributed to The knowledge on jigger infestation was measured by analyzing questions about; awareness of a jigger infested persons, ever suffered jigger infestation, who is the most affected in the community, what causes jigger, how jigger infestation is transmitted and jigger signs and symptoms, myths and misconception on jigger infestation.


In order to breed, the females burrows head first into the exposed skin of its host mammal, leaving the tail like tip of its abdomen visible through the opening in a skin laceration.

The jigger menace deprives the pupils concentration in class, affects extra curriculum participation often leaving children lethargic and slow in action. Thus tungiasis remains an important public health problem neglected by those who are affected, the medical profession and by the scientific community. The jigver further revealed that pupils in six public schools assessed were also found to be infested with jiggers in the area [ 14 ].

literature review on jigger infestation

Farmers and bread winners have difficulties working due to morbidity including difficulty in walking, persistence itching and insomnia. The orifice needs to be enlarged and its entire nodule should be curetted or excised. The district has 30, households. The proximity of animals enables transmission of jiggers from animals to human with ease. Jigger flea, also known as sand flea, Chigoe or Litsrature penetrans is an ecto-parasite which causes Tungiasis parasitic condition of humans and animals.

Housing, water storage facilities and environmental hygiene and sanitation status was also assessed using a checklist whereby the floor type, its cleanliness, water storage, and general compound maintenance iinfestation observed. Daily inspection of the inter digital clefts, roots of nails and soles of feet should cause freshly burrowing female jiggers to be detected and removed before they have grown much.

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