Words or ideas from printed materials such as journal articles, magazine articles, books, newspapers, websites, computer programs, and others. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut dolore Thank you very much for taking time to reply. Shown below is an example of methodology section written on social science research. Pioneer study’s purpose — why or reasons to choose that particular sample; validity and reliability. I still don’t have time to fix it. Utamur fabellas at cum, commune dignissim at est.

However, no spacing required between the last letter of the previous paragraph in the same paragraph with commas or periods. You can go to Subtitle style, right click and choose modify as shown in Figure 5. Skip 1 line for a new paragraph and it has to be justified. Pioneer Study if applicable i. Plagiarism is a very serious crime in the world of academia and is not accepted by academic scholars.

According to Veldsman litfrature, p. You can add the literrature as you like. As an alternative, this year UKM has released their official template which is quite accurate.

The findings should be parallel with research questions. Using the original text from a source without using quotation marks ” or indent, although the source is acknowledged. TOC is a bit tricky. Then you will see: That is very true. Study Limitations This section describes the scope and limitations of the study conducted.


You will see list of styles similar to Figure 1. When I generated TOC after copying liyerature entire Chapter 1, the page number was ok, but when I have manually inserted the preceding pages title page, acknowledgement, abstract etc. The literature review should be centred on the research questions formed. The typical educational reform movements in Malaysia have almost exclusively been initiated by the Minister of Education and then pass on down through the ranks.


I’m still trying to use this template, 1 For reference, when I use it as usual, literaturee the table, it automatically written as Chapter Choose Format, then Tabs.

If you want to modify anything, don’t use traditional way but instead, you modify the style directly. Words or ideas from printed materials such as journal articles, magazine articles, books, newspapers, websites, computer programs, and others.

Litsrature analysis describes the level of critical thinking of the students while inferential statistics which involved a t-test and a Pearson correlation analysis to explain the differences and relationships between the studied variables.

Go to References ribbon, Insert caption, choose table as label, go to Numbering, choose 1,2,3 format, tick include chapter number. Assuming you generate TOC automatically.

literature review gaya ukm

You should do that also. Identify common topics, issues, or areas of focus, then provide the appropriate context for the literature review. Though liteature my previously prepared thesis five files for five chapters and individual files for references and appendices I prepared the tables compatible to gaya ukm, when I tried to copy these tables in your template, they become very awkward and I even cannot edit them in my effort to make them compatible to gaya ukm.


Imagine that page 2 is the first chapter of your thesis. Writing of references uses APA style format, 6th edition. Tables List page Compulsory Numbered with small Roman numerals Pendekatan kuantitatif dengan reka bentuk kuasi One eksperimen telah digunakan dalam kajian ini. If the length of chapter’s heading faya any level exceeds a line, double spacing will be used just like the literaure used between the lines in the text. For now, I’ll tell you how to modify it.

literature review gaya ukm

Erview terdiri daripada tujuh orang responden lelaki dan lapan orang responden perempuan dari kelas 5 Amanah. Insert page number on the pages before chapters, format it to roman. Semoga penulisan ilmiah ini dapat membantu mana-mana pihak yang bercadang menggunakan kertas projek ini sebagai sumber rujukan.

Managing Thesis Effectively using MS Word: Gaya UKM Template

CD should be labelled with the following information: First paragraph This chapter will discuss the research methodology. Dapatan kajian juga menunjukkan terdapat peningkatan tahap pemikiran kritis pada kedua-dua kumpulan rawatan dan kawalan dengan kumpulan rawatan memperoleh peningkatan pencapaian yang lebih tinggi daripada kumpulan kawalan secara signifikan. Only successful for Uk.