The probability that anyone but you will care in the slightest what fonts are in the dissertation is exactly zero. Konrad Rudolph – Apologies, I was unclear: So my question is just: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. There’s a nice, well-thought-out, apposite link here, though it doesn’t adhere to the serif, sans, mono schema: I don’t know if cool is the right word but it is pretty. It should be google.

Memoir follows a completely opposite approach, trying to accommodate as much functionality as possible within itself. It should be google. Khaled Hosny Khaled Hosny Showframe is great to fix your page layout. Initially, my fascination began in seminary with Greek fonts…I wanted to make the Greek text in my papers stand out better, so I began downloading various fonts to help make this happen. I use XeLaTeX and in short the preamble in the true document is more than lines at this point… put the following in the preamble: Otherwise I use Consolas for Mono font.

Unfortunately, the libertine package doesn’t have proper italic correction Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: Unfortunately, it should be mentioned, Marion lacks smallcaps. So this recommendation is definitely reasonable.

Dissertations, Fonts, and Wasting Time

To me, a opening a paper written in Computer Modern already makes me less excited to read it. Libertine in fact does have mathematical symbols, but I didn’t manage to use them properly in unicode-math. Do you have a link that one can follow to view the fonts?

Many times I have found myself wanting to retrieve text I have already written and deleted. I liibertine it is nice except the sans font.


Dissertations, Fonts, and Wasting Time – The Least Creative Homepage in the History of Humanity

You libertkne use them in almost any technical documents. So my question is just: As a small note, Git versioning works best when you keep one sentence per line.

Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Now, I gravitate toward new fonts like a shark to blood.

linux libertine thesis

Atwood on Consolas and ClearType. It seems to support many of the features of the pro versions but no optical sizesand there is also yhesis professional math font based on Minion Pro unfortunately without OpenType math support yet.

libertien I will not write how I achieved my rather complex layout or go into a lot of detail into every package or setting here. Sign up using Email and Password.

Oh snap, the ve kerning is pretty horrendous on Marion, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it when posting this! Tagged cambria dissertation fonts garamond premier pro gentiumalt greek linux libertine minion palatino linotype sbl greek times new roman unicode.

My LaTeX thesis workflow

Otherwise I use Consolas for Mono font. But I only used it for the chapter title and the figure text. Notify me of new comments via email.

I understand that not all features will are available in Libertine, but it does have glyphs like accents and parenthesis which work in text mode but not so well in math mode. Subfig is nice for subfigures, algorithm2e is nice for algorithms, listings is good for typesetting code, booktabs makes nicer tables, babel fixes hyphenation make sure to set the language properly! A less important choice might be a nice monospaced font for source code.


Lucida Sans Typewriter Since I wanted to have the same font family for math and running text, I chose Pagella as the main font from the little list of choice.

Linux libertine italic beautiful amph

If you’re talking theeis these fonts already, you should probably also mention Courier, which is in the same directory. However, simply having a backup is sometimes not good enough. If you use many packages, things will break—sometimes subtly and sometimes horribly.

I’m not sure why I’d like a Biolinum Black, but I suspect I’m reminded of Optima ExtraBlack, which I use often and which like Biolinum is a rare sans serif with visibly varying stroke width more like common serif fonts. I tend to use Inconsolata when typesetting code snippet, but the Bera font looks nice with Palatino once it is x-scaled.

This libertiine me to an important tip.

linux libertine thesis

I believe this is no longer true. The only free fonts that I would you are Latin Modern and Euler math If possible, I recommend get one set of good commercial fonts.