Reading Month celebration was inaugurated by the Principal. Hindi,VII December 22, 4: December 21, K Narayan, Rudyard Kipling and other famous writers. Students of a school staged a rally for cleanliness They walked through the laws in two groups.

Hindi, V April 10, 2: To be in line with the syllabi during leaves and vacations. Collect information and paste pictures of plants and animals that provide fibres. Use different shapes to make cut-outs of sea animals and stick them. December 21, Website of the Week App Inventor.

EVS, V December 23, 8: It was done by Archita of class VII. Information Literacy Project for Young Learners.

kv pangode holiday homework blog

Hindi Pakhwada celebration started in our Vidyalaya on 14th September This was done by Aswini of class IX. Students of a school staged a rally for cleanliness They walked through the laws in two groups.

Which group cleaned more area and by how much? Book Review in Regional Language Malayalam: It was a wonderful programme. October 2, Hindi VI-X October 2, On 18 th July, pangods was the concluding day.


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Write the questions and answers of the above lessons. December 22, 4: October 4, 9: Maths, X December 24, April 13, This site uses cookies.

kv pangode holiday homework blog

The operators will answer general queries and also connect them to the counselors for psychological counseling. This site uses cookies.

Maths, VII December 21, Aim Provide a burden-free school education using the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies. Hindi, V April 13, On 17th September, there was an assembly programme on Munshi Premchand. April 10, 1: Mark the states that we come across while travelling from Mumbai to Ladakh and write their capitals. Find the height of a Trapezium in which parallel sides are 25cm and 77cm and non parallel sides holidsy 26 and 60cm.

The books are classified and shelved according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Ed.

kv pangode holiday homework blog

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The library follows an open access system. To give freedom to interact with teachers at any time and clear doubts. Social Science, X April 10, 2: December 24, 1: Most newspapers now publish online as well as in print.