Salmonella carriage among food handlers and patients attending St. Performance of Pona and Afebetoyen yam cultivars in two improved storage structures in the Yendi Municipality. Carbohydrate composition and amylase activity of sweetpotato Ipomoea Batatas root. Assessment of pulp flour quality of three varieties of plantain pulp produced using sun and solar drying methods. Possible mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity and safety profile of aqueous and ethanolic leaf extracts of Pistia Stratiotes Linn Araceae. Obstacles to infrastructure financing in the public sector: Assessment of the effectiveness of mobile technology for community health MoTech initiative in improving maternal and child healthcare in the Kassena Nankana West district of Ghana.

Women’s fertility desires and contraceptive behavior in three peri-urban communities in sub Saharan Africa. The effect of various drying methods on drying characteristics, sensory and nutritional qualities of yam. Implications for the Ghanaian Construction Industry Development. Evaluation of procurement processes and its operational performance in the public sector of Ghana: The Kumasi College of Technology offered admission to its first students to the engineering faculty in they entered in , and an Act of Parliament gave the university its legal basis as the Kumasi College of Technology in Advancement of Women in the Developing World. Design and construction of a preservative treatment plant for sympodial bamboo species in Ghana.

Effect of celebrity endorsement on product competitiveness of Globacom Ghana Limited. A preliminary morphometric study of Ghanaian foetal parameters for size and age estimation.


Antibacterial, anti-infl ammatory, and antioxidant effects of the leaves and stem bark of Glyphaea brevis Spreng Monachino Tiliaceae: In vitro anti-leishmanial activity of traditional medicinal plants from Cameroon and Ghana.

The Role of the African University in the Transformation.

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Assessment of the influence of business loans on socioeconomic status knuet women beneficiaries of credit unions in the Kumasi metropolis. Antimicrobial and modulation effects of selected Ghanaian medicinal plants. Survey of cowpea viral disease symptoms and detection of associated viruses in selected cowpea growing areas in Ghana.

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Rhizobium collection, testing and the identification of candidate elite strains. Carbon stocks in the Guinea savanna of Ghana: Enzymatic Hydrolysis of starch in tigernut Cyperus Esculentus L.

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The financial determinants of private investment in ghana. Land tenure as a challenge to the sustainability of the Amokwao Community Resource Management area in Ghana.

Genetic diversity in Liberian and Ghanaian rice Oryza Sativa l. Assessing the influence of culture on enterprise SMEs establishment and development: The granting of asylum: Predicting modulus of rupture of solid and finger-jointed tropical African hardwoods using longitudinal vibration.

Barriers to knist of EMS in construction industry in Ghana.

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Article published in the Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. Quality estimation of cashew gum in the production of chocolate pebbles. Factors affecting procurement performance in public sectors in Ghana: The Moderating Role of External Characteristics.


Disc attrition mill corn mill as a medium for aflatoxin contamination in milled maize. Perceptions of Training Organizations in Ghana. The impact of different tropospheric models on GPS baselines in Ghana.

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Macroeconomic determinants of the Ghana stock exchange market performance. The Influence of site and axial position in the tree on the Density and strength properties of the wood of Pterygota Macrocarpa K. Host plant resistance to phytophthora pod rot in cacao theobroma cacao L. Effects of dietary enzyme on broiler chickens fed diets containing wheat bran.

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Governance is carried out by the University Councilprimarily through the Academic Board, which is responsible for:. The Policy Implication on Ghanaian Economy. Multi-criteria GIS-based siting of repositoyr station for municipal solid waste: OTA production; an emerging hazard in dry cocoa beans.

Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in soils of yam Dioscorea spp. Feasibility study of biomass hybrid micro-plants for mini-grid based electricity services in rural communities in Ghana.