Stewart and we hope you find her thesis as inspirational as we did. I appreciate the opportunity to train here, and am thankful for all the people who have made my journey so far such a blessing. It was about how Kenpo shapes the individual, and what it means to different people. Perceive using any of your senses from which direction s an opponent s is coming. Apr 16, Each song has elements present from each form and its symbolic meaning using the alias as a guide. Although we no longer need to prove mastery by creating homeless wolves, or by standing in a face-off to communally shout our foes insane, kiai and its important historical role remains a most valuable tool today.

Let me know what you think about the idea of the Black Belt Thesis. His suggestions are important in any case. A brief introduction to American Kenpo Karate with the attribution to mental aspects of the martial art and applicability to the real world. She never understood why I would show up to get hit. All items are copyrighted by the author. For this thesis, I have composed four short pieces of music to complement four Kenpo forms:

kenpo karate thesis

I re-dedicated my efforts to over come my limitations, by drilling more, looking at my mistakes, remembering to relax and flow like water, avoid the high, the difficult, to advance and hasten to the low, and the least difficult. From stretching, to practicing thesus alone, to finding the strength to go to class when really you had a horrible day at work, the person on the road when you were traveling to your home cut you off, or a civilian police officer had nothing better else to do but give you a citation kafate they thought going 5 mph over the limit was an egregious act only reserved for themselves, it takes discipline to overlook these challenges, a mental overload, go to class with a thesie of mind where the outside world is just that.

kenpo karate black belt thesis

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Infinite insights into kenpo, vol. Just those relevant to the subject should be listed. By practicing the forms and techniques, the student is taught pre-set movements which can be translated into sparring.

And all the other instructors and students for their time, classes, and willingness to help.

kenpo karate thesis

In fact I rarely wear a gi anymore. Left palm heel, forward bow 3.

Black belt Thesis

Another example of the power of kiai was when western knights faced eastern warriors. Today, many people study and learn the best way to throw a punch, karxte the best way to block a kick; however, many people tend to overlook something so seemingly simple, yet so fundamentally important, as the kiai.

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Now that I have made a literal and metaphorical musical translation of Kenpo movements, I will make a comparison between a Kenpo practitioner and a musician.

In fact, they have become such a part of me that I did not notice them develop, and only now in retrospect can I view them separately from myself. As the arms cross, the air is transferred to the lower abdomen as all muscles are tensed. Now that I have experienced more of life and have a small idea of the huge ken;o still ahead of me, I can look back on the different paths that I have taken and evaluate their affects on the person I have become.

kenpo karate thesis

It has become an integral part of maintaining my personal balance. Track 2 on CD, see appendix for notation Finally, I will assign three notes per move, thus raising the level of sophistication in my musical language to an ksrate harmonic progression because I have now created note groupings that can be classified as chords because they are three or more notes sounding simultaneously.

kenpo karate black belt thesis

At our school, it was required that you have teaching hours to qualify for black belt testing. I believe that wearing a Kenpo black belt means more than the ability to do “X” number of forms and techniques from memory- any bozo can learn to do that. American Kenpo, as a philosophy, gives you these important lessons, so that marate time I practice I evolve, become more focused, relaxed, humbled, disciplined and most importantly thessi time I leave class, I emerge: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.


For example, when we are running drills, the most important aspect of each lesson each instructor teaches is to look forward because the majority of the time that is where our opponent is. I have 2 instructors: My time is very important to me and I decide when and where I will spend it.

I felt pride at being able to keep up with the others who had been there longer than I had. Expectations vary from student to student as educational background, life and martial arts experience dictate.

My thesis was tuesis “The Personal Journey of Kenpo” and was fifty two pages long after I condensed it. It was one of the greatest experiences I ever had. A minor move in Kenpo fills the gap for preparation.

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Parker or your instructor, will select a subject related to your skill, profession or hobby if he feels it will benefit all members of the Association. My parents — for their dedication, driving me here, and for all their support Mrs.

He would never hurt a fly. Kiai adds power to strikes, relaxes muscles, and allows attacks to be executed with greater speed. Black Belt, 7th Degree Title: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful supporting people in our kenpo family who have helped me so much kaarate my journey.